To build and strengthen muscle you have to have recovery days. Don't work your Abs every day! However, there is also no risk in working the muscles of both groups on the same day during the same workout. Exercising your abs in the afternoon may be better for your spine than doing abs in the morning, and can help sync up your circadian rhythm for a better night's sleep. Exercising your abs in the afternoon may be better for your spine than doing abs in the morning, and can help sync up your circadian rhythm for a better night's sleep. For your leg workouts, increase the weight gradually. If so, how do I incorporate this. in ur plan on M W F u cna do weights and after that u can perform 10-15 mins cardio. If you do have an arm day, make sure it always comes either the day before a rest day or the day before a leg day. So, if you’ve been doing your weight training and cardio on separate days, combine your workout to get more bang for your buck. Should I ride and lift on the same day, or lift on days I’m off the bike? You don’t need an entire workout for any single muscle group. Olympic lifting and Bi’s, finish with abs. Shoulders and Tris, finish with HIIT. hi anil, yes u can. A Swedish study published in Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise investigated the effects of weight training and cardio on the same day in separate sessions in young, healthy men. It's perfectly fine to train the same muscle group or perform the same exercise(s) multiple days in a row. Tomorrow you can work you abs and your arms if you want. Most people are better off doing workouts that have a few exercises for each body part instead of splitting it up. In fact, they found that doing 50 percent less of both types of exercise on the same day produced the same results as doing full workouts devoted to one or the other. So, yes, you can work both legs and abs out on the same day. Legs. There are two muscle groups you can work out every day: your ab muscle groups and your calves. on T TH SAT u can perform 10-15 mins hiit cardio n abs n again 10-15 mins cardio. Repeat. Is there literature that suggests how many rest days/wk are most optimal? Generally, the upper and lower body muscle groups are distinct enough where you can avoid any potential danger from overtraining by working the muscle groups on consecutive days. — Patrick D. Coach Fred Matheny Replies: Good question — but there doesn’t seem to be expert consensus on an answer. Never start off your week with an arm workout unless the following day is leg day, because it’ll be too much of a hindrance for your bigger upper body muscle groups. Many advanced weight training programs do just this. better to do cardio after finishing ur weight training. I want to keep riding this winter. Just note that you'll need to build up a tolerance for back-to-back training. try hiit. I want to make sure I hit each muscle group 2x a week, but also factor in rest days. Everything else needs a day break. Working out rips the muscle, rest allows them to build, and the process repeats. Question: I started doing leg work in the gym twice a week to complement twice-weekly interval sessions, but now my legs are dead when I get on the bike. I work Abs MWF, its the last thing I do before I head home. Not to mention, a hard leg day can lead to some serious soreness, too: It can take as much as a day or two more to recovery from a lower-body session than a high-intensity run. If the idea of taking a day or two off … Researchers asked the men to pedal a stationary bike for 45 minutes with one leg, followed six hours later by leg extensions with both legs. Doing the same amount of exercise day after day can inhibit recovery and cause you to lose muscle over time.

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