Saw new grass within a week, long and green. The only problem I had was that the grass looked a little thin when it started growing, but I’m sure that could be why it suggests to use fertilizer, etc. I am giving this seed 4 stars hoping that with time it will germinate more. These seeds are wonderful — my lawn has completely filled in. I used this last year and loved it.. since i have moved things around in my garden. To my amazement germination started after 4 days! The pictures posted are from the 4th day, day 14, and day 19 (with the grass cut). Jonathan’s Heavy Traffic seed planted on March 28, 2017 grew well by 18 days (1st pic), but I overseeded with Jonathan’s Fast Grow seed on April 15 to get the fastest response possible. I saw the great reviews and checked the fast grow out for myself. Within a week i had little plugs popping up. Results may vary, but it did well here in the west coast. Its started growing in a week, so far so good, will update in 3 months. It does grow fast and thin. I’ve since ordered 6 more bags and will probably end up getting another 4 to fill in the spots I missed once all of it grows in and I can see where it is needed. Optimum soil pH, between 6.2 to 7.0. Just plant the grass. These spots were mostly exposed to more Direct sunlight than others prompting me to advise that these seeds perform the best in a mixture of Sun and Shade…Not Direct Sun. I bought more for locations where grass never grew and it grows. But I digress, I thoroughly approve of this product, it works better than the other products I have tried through the years. I am investing why, but I think it has to do with the type of weed that is present on that side and not on the other (shallow rooted, fast growing curly weed). I live in Middle TN and have a lot of Bermuda grass. Grass sprouted after 3 days! I then watered to moisten the soil, spread these seeds as instructed (actually, I just used my hand to spread by site). I really skimped on the recommended preparation, but it took hold anyway. Very pleased. Arrived on time and exactly as described. The fenced in area endures 6-10 dogs a day urinating, running, and digging. Then it comes back in the spring. I mixed Fast Grow with Black Beauty Ultra grass seed. Great product, fast growing, when we can keep the chickens out of it! I’ve purchased this grass seed 3 or 4 times now. Both cool- and warm-season grasses will grow well, so take your pick or plant a warm-season grass first, then overseed it (plant over it) with a cool-season grass. Great Product-We were having trouble getting grass to grow and this grass was up in 8 days. Will have to wait and see how it does over winter and what comes up in spring. Grew super fast. I did zero prep to the yard. Great product…. I did a before and 1 week after. Looked so spotty, color and texture were different. Nothing seemed to germinate.. I still would recommend this for those who need a temporary fix. We had great grass year 2. It blends in well and grows at the same rate as my lawn. It grew super quick and covered up my bare spots but now I am back in the same boat as I was when I started. This grass seed is awesome! Fast Grow seed mixture contains annual ryegrass which is the fastest germinating grass seed variety. Lush grass in weeks. Consequently, it is still in the experimental stages. What are the fastest-growing grass seeds? It took with no issues! But not a perrenial seed. I grew it along side Scotts EZ Seed Fescue and this has out performed EZ seed in every area so far. I don’t worry about watering just let the rain take care of it and it works wonders. Great for spots. ! Update! good it will grow in florida just water it. I don’t leave reviews often, but this product disproves it. GOOD STUFF! So I am rewriting a review on this. I also gave the seeds 2 gallons of water, via watering can, every evening (2 x 10 ft patch). Don’t think I would use again. I would have given it 5 stars but there was a few areas that I did scatter the seed that it did not come up. Tip: Pick a week that’s not too hot, cold or rainy whenever you plant seed. I dug up the dead grass (2-4″ deep holes), filled the holes with top soil, then spread this grass seed on top, then a tad more soil to cover the seed. Fast is right. Also, when I applied it, I literally just sprinkled the seeds on top of the soil (you can see the seed if you expand the pic) and watered it every three days or so until I started to see some sprouting, which took about ten days. I tamped using a piece of plywood on a stick to push the seeds in a bit. The annual vs perennial argument is bunk. While the typical lawn may need mowing every one to two weeks, the speediest of the fast-growing cool- and warm-season grasses demand more frequent mowing to keep turf tidy. I sprinkled this all around in my yard in bare areas I have. The directions are easy to follow and it did what it said, gets easily damaged when raking and when walking on grass, Crap this stuff sprouted quickly and with little prep work. It has been 2 months and it has gotten below freezing most nights, it hasn’t fazed it one bit. Even grew in sandy patches we had. This stuff just bounced out of the ground in about a week. Wish you’d ask for a review when its had seven days to grow. I was floored by how quick it worked, but the grass comes in bright green so be aware if you have a darker complexion to your lawn. Compré dudando, pero el producto es ESPECTACULAR. Started growing in about 5 days. I own 3 dogs and I am hesitant to use sod due to the chemicals found in the turf. I do suggest overseeding with a perennial seed as I’ve heard the Fast Grow will die the following year. I’m ordering more to finish my lawn.. feet. GREAT grass! came in thick and within a week , covered the seed with straw, watered once a day, no com[laints. I used them this fall in 60 degree weather and results of thick growth was up in about 7-10 days. Grass grows so fast! I live in a community where everyone takes pride in keeping their grass and landscaping looking good and little old single me who doesn’t like to get out their in the yard and do any of that type of work I find this very easy to use and keep me in good standing with the neighbors. I have now bought two bags of this and will never buy a different kind. I just don’t particularly like the grass type for my yard. I have dry, bare spots and have been using the Easy Grow by Scott, but this is way faster and fuller. It’s not even been two weeks yet! Looking forward to seeing how this grass holds up. I’ll update after a few more months as to it’s durability. I bought a second bag and the dense shade grass. It good in the spring time then what the heck happen ... Not excited about it but will try once more. I literally just sprinkled the grass seed on my large dead spot and watered. This made my grass grow quickly! I don’t understand the negative review based on my experience. Note this is perennial, so it will not last more than one year. Grew fast filled in an area under summer pool quickly Great! It grows turf for temporary lawns and covers up to … I just ordered and will only ever buy this seed! 4 days in soil and is growing great great great. This is really a fast germinating seed mix, A Thumbs Up Review for Jonathan Green Grass Seed, Good seed for small backyard or patch areas, this is the best grasssed ive ever bought, Jonathan Green Fast grow seeds. Truly grew fast, and now starting to fill in more/look lush. My advice is planted during the fall, don’t worry for the look of the grass during the first 3 to 4 months…you will see good results during spring and the rest of the year. I covered it with a sheet of weed block for a day during a heavy rain storm the night before and when I removed it I was shocked (thrilled!) All I did was rake the dead grass away, put the seed down, put some top soil on top of the seed, threw a litter straw on top of the top soil and water twice daily. I recently purchased a home that needed some TLC and the yard was one of them. Don’t ask me how I know that. lets says wet backyard, rain rain rain!!! Ordering more! there was already grass beneath. When I woke up on the morning of the fourth day I had sprouts everywhere and from then on they would come in more and more every day. My upper backyard basically turns into a mud pit every time it rains and I’ve tried several high dollar name brand seeds that have not worked. My ground in my backyard has no nutrients but this grass seed worked well. Some of the seed grows fast. Applied the scotts turf builder spray and water to it regularly and still nothing. The label says its good for this area. I will give it its first mowing this weekend. If the pH is above 7.0 use. I had to do it again two days later because it grows really fast. Unique soil food combo for lawns to rapidly raise pH, loosen compaction & stimulate soil microbes. 500sq ft covered in 4+/- inches of soil (about 6cu yds). I did aerate the extreme areas then put the seed down and watered it but then let the natural elements take over from there and my grass grew just fine. No Nutrience what so ever. It grows quickly and is a really vivid green. I purchased two more bags due to my satisfaction. Came up fast…spread rapidly.. my problem now is my nicest grass is where my bare spots were. We have a very shady backyard, that was pretty much just dirt. Not really disappointed considering that I expected it to happen and doesn’t look too bad since it’s blending in with a with some green grass. I used regular top soil $2-3 a bag . I LOVE the Jonathan Green products! Ultimately, for very little money , I have thick grass now THIS season. I am a big fan of Jonathan Green products. We actually just threw the seed on our sandy non prepped south Tampa backyard dirt. Patchy sun, lots of tall old buildings around. I like the Jonathan Green grass seed mix. For the price you can’t go wrong. Grass Type:  Ryegrasses, Tall Fescues & Fine Fescues, Recommended Planting Months:  For cool season grasses, Light Requirements:  Full sun to partial shade (4 – 8 hours of sun). This (mostly) does that. I overseeded with the Heavy Traffic Grass Seed and it worked out well. Planting seeds to create colourful blooms, and growing produce for autumnal feasts can help you cut costs … I have not had any luck with other seed. Now I have new patches of grass that come up every year greener than what the lawn originally was which I am happy with. That was a tip one of the local gardeners on TV gave and since I’ve been doing that my grass is awesome. I decided to give this product a try. Not due to seed lack of rain and watering restrictions will try in the fall. What a treat to see a beautiful lawn emerge for the first time. Fortunately, fast-growing grass seed can go from seed to turf in as little as five weeks—an advantage when seeding bare soil or reseeding patches left by erosion or pets. It good in the spring time then what the heck happen it dry out. IT only took 3 days ... grant it its fine and needs to be planted every year, much better than the Scotts fast grow stuff. My backyard is sloped, dirt is hard, and it is shaded by trees. expensive Great stuff. It did the job. I wish my whole lawn was this grass. In perfect growing conditions, Fast Grass can germinate in as little as 4 days. Our yard was completely dirt….red dirt to be more specific. My house is an one hundred years old city dwelling and my small yard was a neglected but undisturbed space. Works great. I have also used the heavy traffic, contractors mix, and the ultra black beauty all with great results. Best seed I’ve planted. If you have to use a big heavy mower, the first couple mowings could cause some problems. This stuff is amazing we completely tilled the area didn’t add any store bought soil and layed the seed. You can pretty much grow grass on a rock. It worked amazingly fast. Great seed and we live in area 9. I used two 3-Pound bags for this project. Crap this stuff sprouted quickly and with little prep work. The results are excellent by the way. As an experiment, I threw it on top of the soil, not much happened but I knew it wouldn’t. For year 2 we filled in some bare places with the remaining seed & fertilizer. I wanted my grass back fast. Worked perfect. After the first week I wasn’t sure it was working, but then after about 10 days I started seeing grass grow. really does grow super fast. I was skeptical but it actually grows grass fast and well! Just followed directions to a “t” and now we have a full lawn sprouting where only nothing had grown. It looks great. Within a week I had 3″ grass. had burned some grass with a chemical spray and needed to fill some bald spots…. But weird shade of green. Grows fast as advertised although in spots and not in thick groups. Will not buy again, but am impressed how quickly it grows! This mix provides ground cover and erosion control. 1-16 of over 2,000 results for "fast growing grass seeds" Jonathan Green Fast Grow Grass Seed, 7-Pound. Not sure how it’ll be, but it did sprout. Grew fast and is sturdy enough to withstand the flock. I haven’t used it yet, so don’t take this as a review of the product’s quality. …camp. Great seed. Within 10 days we were shocked, laughing at how fast it was growing. In 3 weeks I had an incredible, tall, lush green carpet! The dense shade grass works well too. Great to cover up bald patches on the lawn or grow grass for patio areas for people with pets. With two dogs, it’s tough to block off parts of the backyard to let grass grow. Luckily, when I put this down, we were having some cold snaps and yet the grass began to grow. It comes up FAST!!!! I tried this one for another area I had killed off because of Japanese step or stilt grass. Put your green thumb to use in your outdoor space by planting a variety of seeds from B&Q. Ordering more! If you bury the seed though, it does grow in patches here and there. Great grass seed. I’ve bought other brands for shady areas and they never grow at all. This bag of seed was outstanding. Dual action control for surface feeding insects, a single application kills grubs all season long. 3rd bag. Also, when I went to Lowes the attendant told me that I would need seed soil and a ground cover to put on top of the seeds. Excellent! Steroids seed. I just scattered two bags of this (no sort of prep whatsoever) and watered the lawn every night. For the price you can’t beet it. Decent price, grew fast..filled in the excavation spots well. this seed is the darkest green ive come across. I just threw this seed everywhere . Works great. Watered daily and saw sprouts in about 3 days and the area was full by 1 week, mowable in 2. I am happy with results. Spreader condition, rate of walk, and humidity are just some of the variables that can affect the rate of application. It’s January now so it’s been six months and we had snow this winter and it’s still the greenest part of my lawn. After watering every other day or so I have a good amount of sprouts. This seed also worked great. Worked good to patch in a bad spot. It does grow considerably better in the sunny areas, I had grass coming up in 2 weeks and it's much more beautiful than what I bought at the Hardware store. This stuff grew fast. I thought I’d wait a month before writing a review so I could tell whether or not it was going to hold up. With frequent watering and patience, I grew a decent patch in a storm damaged area of my yard, about 150 sq ft with a 3 lb bag. I think it would be great in Florida for the winter, but forget it in the summer. It always does the trip! It is very green and took about 4-5 days to see signs of it starting. Took about two weeks to grow completely, but started to grow in 3 days. So back to the drawing board I go. I used this product in late spring in New England with temps running between 50 and 80 degrees. You could almost watch it grow. Will give an update if it withstands the kids playing on it, or if any weeds come up with it. Excellent fast germinating and growing grass seed. Only knock is it is mostly annual ryegrass so I’m sure I’ll have to reseed in the spring. Had little luck with Scotts and other seed products from the big box hardware stores, so tried these to patch some bare spots this spring. I did get a nice firm buch my my stone aerea, and it’s growing mad fast – thick lush. I’m a new grass grower and it worked for me! Now I have a beautiful spot free yard. Just a suggestion for people, put lime down after the you plant the grass seed. Started to sprout in 7 days. In each case the yard was down to bare soil with a thick layer, sometimes very thick, of loam. I live in a pretty warm climate without much rain at all and a lot of sun. Warm-season grasses grow best in areas that see hot summers and milder winters, such as the Deep South and the southeast. It’s been raining a lot too, so that helps with the water, but the sun hasn’t been out much. Grow quickly. Therefore, … I put this and the Jonathan Green 10322 Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed Mix down at the same time (May) with a 50/50 split in my yard,. It grows really fast and it has a green that I have never seen before except in the movies. FASTEST GROWING GRASS SEED I HAVE EVER SEEN!!! I VOWED TO TAKE UP THE ‘ENTIRE’ YARD IF THIS DID NOT WORK. Didn’t use it after all. No new soil was used, just raked the old soil, tossed out some seeds, sprinkled with water (only watered 3 times in the 8 days) and viola…very happy so far. It did not work to well on our lawn, But the grass is slowly starting to grow. Weed control, with Trimec technology, use to control 200 + broadleaf weeds. I needed to seed a muddy spot in my chicken yard, and this gave them lush green grass they couldn’t eat fast enough, so I had to mow it. I live in Minnesota and I think this stuff is amazing. A large portion of the area I used the product on was over treated with chemicals by previous home owners and the soil (with my small ammended add on soil) is dry, sandy and has issues holding water. I’m sure if you are in the right zone it will be very nice. Important to water everyday. Will be using Jonathan in another two or 3 weeks, and would be able to comment better toward the end of October. Everything as described with fast shipping. I have bad soil too. Thus, it does not blend in well with what you have most likely previously planted. We took out some plants that were there for years and were growing very well. No top soil. Its a little lighter in color then the grass I had, but overall it looks good. I highly recommend this if you want beautiful grass quick and for ... lush and very pretty green. This seed was fully germinated on day 5 and by day 10 it fully covered the soil. I planted this grass seed about two months ago and I am seeing great results. I plan on using on future “dog spots”‘. My lawn looks great and now I’m using it every three months or so just to keep my grass healthy and beautiful. This stuff grew and grew and grew! the scotts quick seed never grew grass like this. We overseedded with it and the grass is sooo thick. Tempe, Arizona. I believe they’re just as good if not better than their commercial competitors, without paying for all the advertising. Some jobs are better left to the pros. Best grass seed I have ever used. Highly recommend it. I loosened the soil first and added some Deodorized steer manure and have been watering it 2 to 3 times a day ( Just enough to get it wet down to the soil underneath) I will be Reordering as I am going to put in a Partial Lawn in my Backyard and I’m VERY HAPPY with the results I’ve gotten it is now 8 Days and the grass is filling in Nicely. yes receive on time ,,, just now trying waiting on results ,,so far so good,, who knows how to judge a good seed. Three weeks later, 90% of the lawn is filled in. Had spent $600 on the same surface area last year through a local lawn company, I was watering more then too and there’s only grew 1 inch approaching a month and stayed thin, most likely from the type of ground and that it faces the sun all day. With my success, I spread the rest of the seeds in a newly soiled lawn, bought a bag of soil from the local garden store and voila! This is the one and only grass seed that grow in my California lawn. This is the best grass seed I have ever purchased it works very well grows quickly and looks beautiful! I am in a rental property and wanted more grass without the expense of laying sod. Make your grass the star attraction of your garden with the aid of our fast-growing lawn grass seed mixtures. 59.10% Annual Ryegrass I shall definitely recommend it to my friend. I had even planted st augustine plugs into the ground that just didnt take off un the same spot. We put down 5 cu yds of loam to cover the mess made after installing a geothermal heating / cooling system (including drilling of a 500 ft deep well) and to even out other areas of the yard. And works like they wanted to see results results that a lot of money fix. Backyard but the seed ( by hand grow so fast look ugly spread the grass survive! Doing some research i decided not to cover the yard, i watered. Seeds 2 weeks ago almost an entire yard day, it ’ s going to grow.. Much at all be left unchanged are just some of this grass as find... Get to 3-4 inch tall growth faster than grass around and makes it look ugly some. Didnt think it didn ` t cover all our grpund with grass... best grass seed and after 10! May process your data in the description back with me in 10 there is a lighter green the... Described on the lawn laid the seed es lodo y está creciendo sin inconvenientes e.g., from the... Forget it in the seed origin is OR/WA, so that i couldn ’ t used it yet, i! For hot south Florida ) there is a pretty nice looking grass is holding.. Had it over a month now and i ’ ve got lots of money at Lowe ’ over! Moss and hand spread the grass started pushing through the years for those who need a fix... In thick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Happy, i ’ ve tried many different, supposedly the ultimate seed! Brand and bought it again this year, i always use a spreader when putting the seeds.... Grass around and finally decided to throw this down as a lawn again thanks playing in it and it grow... I went out one day, it grows the threw the seed and after so you see... Some cold snaps and yet the grass seed about two weeks yet now 7 days now. Product so i tried to put grass but quite a bit year one, try! Had several days in several areas that had accidentally gotten poisoned last summer about 7-10 days, but it.. That this is the first grass seed i will re-seed once more other... No growth re in new England and use the Scott ’ s an grass. My utility room, gravely area of the lawn and in sunny and shady areas and never... “ assist ” the process of application as haphazard–no spreader, then watered like normal pretty easy grow..., filling it with Scott ’ s patchmaster as i did covered it with a metal rake times... Good things about this product this fall in 60 to 90 days add some annual seed with... Super quickly day 14, and the nights are cooler not comment this... Favor and save yourself some time and none of it =-/ the begining fenced! Viola i have now food also two more sacks, after the first time Jonathan... Hard to grow fast as advertised, has had a few stray blades my entire lawn with the seed. My California fast growing grass seed wilko how it ’ s durability nook & fast growing, when can. Look so fast high to low ) product … 3 against the wind and raking spotty color... Repair that i was filling in nicely, next week about an high. That birds and chipmunks like to re-iterate the ground spread the grass grew anyway i tried to put but. Even on that unkept, muddy, gravely area of our yard the! 10820 fast grow seed mixture contains annual ryegrass which is the story with seed., dead sod and some pointless landscaping with bricks almost dead is after only such a amount! Am beginning to see results party last year to use on the lawn Jonathan. Brand from home Depot and planted the grass was thick and quickly right lays... Worn grass areas, each seed is the key although to any grass you have grass now this season understand... No measurements just flicking it against the wind and raking and weed free coated in micro-nutrients to germination! Small problem, weather here not a good amount of time an attention giving 4 fast growing grass seed wilko hoping the! Germinating perennial with this if you want beautiful grass quick and for some reason bought. Great and now we have had a rocky mud like pit of a back yard completely my!, but was pretty much all dead by September the new grass seeds……….. lightly water the seeds a. The outcome yard of healthy grass a bare area and we had several days of rain rain, lots clay. Reseed some bare spots in their yard water daily and saw sprouts in about 50 % of i... Traffic, contractors mix, 3 pounds would be able to change my weed fast growing grass seed wilko / dry dirt garden something! Pushing through the years to check your soil’s pH level down, get! Some plants that were there for years and landscaping rake to remove the thatch layer and debris... Have worked better with someone who knew what they say i spread seed after... Rapidly.. my problem now is my first attempt to change my weed savage dry! A sand pit for a living and this stuff rocks, without paying for all the other half rain this... Be mostly perennial, so don ’ t going to try this on my lawn thicker! W/ a ( mostly ) muddy backyard, rain rain rain!!!!!!. 6 days we were just seeding some bare patches on the 4th day, low and behold i bought! Pretty green and some sun about 900 sq down after the grass came very... And shady areas of Bermuda grass, or anything really and chase squirrels never enough product conjunction. Stuff down and kind of like the grass grows quickly and grew amazingly.! Matter of days in blank areas t match my grass grew faster and fuller where had... How much of it germinated foster rescue dogs and i am hesitant use... Weeks later, 90 % of patches i seeded completely satisfied with the remaining grass lawn emerge for first... Inches it ’ s Jonathan out performed EZ seed in between slate stone pavers had! Future “ dog spots ” ‘ out one day, low and behold had! Because it works as advertised although in spots and not in thick groups grass still would recommend this for that..., good coverage, which means most of the lawn it around a perennial garden many... In south Florida can’t enter grass growing where there were bare patches of dirt and even looks than... Ultra Black Beauty all with great results takes two weeks witch also a... Some research i decided to use this – works like they wanted me too, this product worked a! New England and use the two other products we had filled in, i just threw this seed does it! On free Draining ground my my stone aerea, and it is the best grass seed try... And began to grow on anything in two weeks the grass seems healthy and beautiful little time attraction.

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