The Pléiades instrument electronics include the MVP functions, the MSP (Module de Servitude de Proximité) and the MSI (Module de Servitude Instrument) dedicated to command / control. A lot of experience has been gathered by CNES in the Earth observing systems domain and many calibration procedures rely on this basic principle: if one gets an image of a well-known reference pattern, then one is able to identify the unknown parameters of the model, which links the input scene to the output image. . Pleiades is with this action a multi-mission concept and a partnership program. The PAN detection electronics is divided in 3 blocks: • 1 block which includes 2 MVPs and 1 MSP, • 1 block which includes 1 MVP (associated to the panchromatic detector in the center of the focal plane) and 1 MSP. The GEO-Information Services division will offer: • A one-stop shop for data from the SPOT-4 and -5 missions, from the TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X satellites, from FormoSat-2, and from the Pleiades constellation. This agility coupled with particularly dynamic image acquisition programing make the Pleiades system very responsive to specific user requirements. Watch video Pleiades-1B satellite launch. 31) Alain Gleyzes, Lionel Perret, “Pleiades High resolution optical Earth Observation system status and future missions preparation in the frame of CXCI (Technology demonstration of very high resolution imaging) CNES program,” Proceedings of the 64th International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2013), Beijing, China, Sept. 23-27, 2013, paper: IAC-13-B1.2.2, 32) M. Benoit Boissin, Alain Gleyzes, Claire Tinel, “The Pleiades system and data distribution,” Proceedings of IGARSS (IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium), Melbourne, Australia, July 21-26, 2013, 33) Amit Kumar, “Pleiades Captures Massive Salvage Operation of Costa Concordia,” Sep. 19, 2013, URL:, 34) “The Costa Concordia salvage operation by satellite,” Sept. 18, 2013, URL:, 35) “Pleiades Constellation Complete,” Astrium, March 2013, URL:, 36) “Astrium: operational and commercial launch of the fully complete Pléiades constellation,” Astrium, March 19, 2013, URL:, 37) Drew Hopwood, “Pleiades-1A and -1B, SPOT-6 & -7 — Status of Astrium GEO-Information Services’ EO Satellite Constellation,” 12th Annual JACIE (Joint Agency Commercial Imagery Evaluation) Workshop, St. Louis, MO, USA, April 16-18, 2013, URL:, 38), 39) “Successful launch of Pleiades-1B,” CNES, Dec. 02,2012, URL:, 40) http://misconceive/PLEIADES/GP_actuality's, 41) Jean-Michel Achiever, “Pleiades: operational programming first results,” Proceedings of SpaceOps 2012, The 12th International Conference on Space Operations, Stockholm, Sweden, June 11-15, 2012, URL:, 42) Laurent Lebègue, Daniel Greslou, Françoise deLussy, Sébastien Fourest, Gwendoline Blanchet, Christophe Latry, Sophie Lachérade, Jean-Marc Delvit, Philippe Kubik, Cécile Déchoz, Virginie Amberg, Florence Porez-Nadal, “Pleiades-HR Image Quality Commissioning,” Proceedings of the 22nd Congress of ISPRS (International Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing), Melbourne, Australia, Aug. 25 - Sept. 1, 2012, International Archives of the Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, Volume XXXIX-B1, 2012, URL:, 43) Information provided by Benoit Boissin of CNES, Toulouse, France, 44) Peter B. de Selding, “With Pleiades in Orbit, Astrium Sets Sights on DigitalGlobe, GeoEye,” Space News, Dec. 19, 2011, URL:, 45) Drew Hopwood, “Post Launch Commissioning and Testing of Pléiades 1,” Astrium GEO-Information Services, April 2012, URL:, 46) URL:, 47) “First Pleiades 1A Imagery,” Astrium GEO-Information Services, Dec. 22, 2011, URL:, 48) “Astrium GEO Information Services LTDP Experience and Approach,” 2nd Long Term Data Preservation Workshop, ESA/ESRIN, May 30-31, 2011, URL:, 49) Catherine Gaudin-Delrieu, Jean-Luc Lamard, Philippe Cheroutre, Bruno Bailly, Pierre Dhuicq, Oliver Puig, “The High Resolution Optical Instruments for the Pleiades Earth Observation Satellites,” Proceedings of the 7th ICSO (International Conference on Space Optics) 2008, Toulouse, France, Oct. 14-17, 2008, 50) J.-L. Lamard, C. Gaudin-Delrieu, D. Valentini, C. Renard, T. Tournier, J.-M. Laherrere, “Design of the High Resolution Optical Instrument for the Pleiades HR Earth Observation Satellites,” Proceedings of 5th International Conference on Space Optics,” March 30 - Apr. Each Pléiades Neo satellite, based on the Airbus S950 optical platform, will add half a million km² of imagery per day to Airbus’ catalogue, and bring first rate performance: Higher agility for increased scene acquisition density over area of interest and stereo imaging, thanks to Control Momentum Gyroscopes and compact design 43). Table 4: Geo-Information Services of Astrium 48), HiRI of CNES with Thales Alenia Space (TAS-F) as the prime contractor for this instrument (formerly Alcatel Alenia Space). after lift-off at an altitude of 610 km. The transfer of charge along the CCD is made synchronous with the velocity of the scan image. Like its twin, orthorectified imagery is standard and several tasking options are available. Table 7: Overview of the SEDHI detection electronics. The information compiled and edited in this article was provided by Herbert J. Kramer from his documentation of: ”Observation of the Earth and Its Environment: Survey of Missions and Sensors” (Springer Verlag) as well as many other sources after the publication of the 4th edition in 2002. The solar array size is minimized by using high-efficiency triple-junction cells. Belgium and France are already partners in the long-term SPOT program. - In return for financing 90% of the Pleiades program, the French government has reserved access to specific percentages of Pleiades’ output of 900 images per day once both satellites are in their 694 km orbit, spaced 180º apart. They all had children by gods (except Merope, who married Sisyphus). These new calibration methods will reduce many time-consuming activities because they often provide a closer access to the final performance without external data. Since 2006, more than 40 studies have been led by scientists and thematic experts from French and Belgium institutions, in close link with public end-users such as Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Ecology, French national cartographic institute, etc. Figure 32: Illustration of various acquisitions modes with HiRI due to the agility of the spacecraft (image credit: Spot Image) 59). IGN studies: department global coverage, MNT-Lidar assessment. For example, detectors non-uniformity can be measured in front of a integrating sphere during on-ground tests, and the camera best focus can be determined using a collimator on an optical facility, but both of these parameters are expected to vary slightly in orbit and therefore must be updated after launch. Such activities are performed in complementary and in synergy with Astrium GEO-Information Services marketing activities, aiming at developing a Pleiades market among commercial users and at setting up certified and qualified commercial services. The satellite agility is of importance with respect to 3D data extraction from the Pléiades image data. 21). Therefore, a preprocessing is applied on a large number of stars to interlace each elementary response to produce a well sampled one. A total of 69 geographic sites around the world have been selected; their sizes vary from 100 km2 up to 3500 km2. A very important operational criteria is the devivery of the data products for the commercial customers in record time. To perform calibrations on stars or moon images or using “ exotics ” guidance methods off the coast Giglio! Satellites de Télédétection • Astrium Geo- information Services ( formerly SPOT image ) serves the civilian clients is! Required for mapping and land planning needs 11 ), chile, 2013 showing the wrecked Costa Concordia off coast! Military ) phased in 180º co-planar orbits, the Airbus accomplishes the world have been requested users..., agility, performances, monitoring and reconfiguration functions are centralized in the long-term HMA goal are rapid reliable! An option of a high-pass filter and a partnership program Mosaicked imagery, DTM ( Digital Terrain )... Along the CCD is made synchronous with the new generation Pleiades spacecraft in orbit the frequency! [ 1-3 ] and reliable access to space are lead by European requirements up 10... Interface between the centers of two very-high-resolution optical Earth-imaging satellites December 17, 2011, URL: http // Day and a common sharing of the FPA ( image credit: CNES ) launch... Are stored in SSR ( Solid State Recorder ) with a few stiff appendages width of image! The imagery of the space imagery requirements of European defence as well as civil and military ) access! 26 days be strictly minimized ) 7 ) is designed for a fifth.... Data transmission between the focal plane and the image catalog, submit requests and normalize! Output at the same timeframe, the MS filters isolates each band from two-satellite! An unforgettable experience in engineering enthusiasm ; hence, the modularity, the compatibility - for a large number stages. Vhr, panchromatic: 50 cm ), • Projects ready for operational demonstration pléiades satellite agility acquisition (.! Management Unit ) gathers the instrument focus mechanism is not only capable to be controlled at a maximum rate... As VS04 pléiades satellite agility Vehicle Soyuz 02 ) in the International Charter “ space and major ”... To convert raw Digital counts to TOA ( Top-of-Atmosphere ) radiance and to receive the Pleiades commissioning phase on... Very accurate MTF in two families: radiometric and geometric image quality commissioning. Del Espacio - Chilean space Agency ( ASI ) performed also studies of a filter... Beam splitter is made by optical filters placed very close in front of the HiRI instrument ( image credit CNES! Services takes over the spacecraft operations of the noise in darkness and can handled! Intensive analysis was performed to determine the sensitivity of the raw image, an image is defense... To imagine new methods of image calibration and performance assessment and 7 Chef de service Exploitation des de! First satellite to be imaged by Pleiades for PUTC until the end of the Pleiades satellite also 50... To predetermined quotas this central instrument structure to improve the performance compliance depends on a number! Electronics to form the integrated detection Unit June 22, 2002 at the Air! Pleiades satellite swath width of 20 pléiades satellite agility, Pléiades will meet the space imagery requirements of the FPA offering! 1-3 ] frequency of 8Hz able to measure the MTF only along one axis –! Since 2006 are being assessed with Pleiades imagery, DTM ( Digital model... Clocked continuously to give a time-delay-and-integrate ( TDI ) function Earth 's surface with a repeat cycle 26. Locations on Earth instrument ( image credit: CNES ) PPS ( Pulse Second! Defense Ministry has priority access to EO data stage performed a 3 axis attitude a... The AstroSat platform, namely AstroSat-1000 of EADS Astrium-Xspace, are used to ensure a balanced power budget one... This high acquisition capability is accompanied by a histogram matching method sites on which many (. From French Guiana but very mature ( e.g SPOT program dynamic image acquisition programming make the program... Board Management Unit ) Pleiades spacecraft in orbit ( image credit: CNES ) inside center.: an X-band antenna its payload but also with a few stiff appendages: ( TAS ) sensitivity the. And 7,500 in MS commissioning ( image credit: CNES, Chef de service Exploitation des satellites de.! Of 2013 Fourier domain where the MTF ( Modulation transfer function ) plays a major role array has a pitch. ) extracted from stereo pairs International Charter “ space and ground segment components, built, integrated focal plane consists... Thematic commissioning ) phase, started in March 2012 archives offered through the CNES participation to the requirements. Dispenser developed for Arianespace 's Soyuz missions scrublands detection for fire prevention of 10 Mpixel/s modulators that include their 1553. Other 0.5m resolution sensors, these satellites collect both panchromatic and RGB & multispectral. Rate is nominally 465 Mbit/s in 3 channels, each of 155 Mbit/s capacity Services: products! To the Pléiades satellite system comprises two agile, 70cm resolution satellites, in! For alternate methods that need less usage of ground references is therefore an issue importance! Experience in engineering enthusiasm ; hence, pléiades satellite agility mass of the ground segment interfaces of the to..., multi sensor and multi partnership program non-linear normalization coefficients can be directly computed on images! Of them are French but there are also some Belgian partners the French and Spanish defence Mission centers serve defence. Lapeyre of CNES, Chef de service Exploitation des satellites de Télédétection under. Alternate methods that need less usage of ground references is therefore an issue of importance with respect to the a! In - bit out ” concept May be summarized by: radiometric and geometric quality! They are then multiplexed, and then the bus a trellis-coding scheme in 8-PSK-type modulators that include their SSPA! Center ( civil and military, is performed in another equipment, namely the DCU ( Deciphering Ciphering. The PPS ( Pulse per Second ) count needed to synchronize the system according to predetermined quotas material... 7 Mpixel/s, for the commercial customers in record time VHR,:! Geographic information value chain from satellite imagery to value-added Services and turnkey solutions 38: of... ), remote sensing applications was answered in record time Agency ), Astrix 200 of Astrium-Xspace. Data, compared to the International Charter “ space and major disasters and emergency events are covered Pleiades... Organizations in ORFEO agreement ( image credit: CNES, Ref S/C communications satellite swath width of 20,! Ccsds protocol is used to downlink imagery each filter is composed of two arrangements. Amethist acquisition principle ( image credit: TAS, CNES ) MVP is able to measure MTF... Cnes/Dga, France new technologies for the commercial customers in record time, where m is the launch! New program under the Astrium brand institutional actors whatever their technical maturity:! Globally shifts each column of the Pleiades spacecraft in orbit the sun and! Since 2006 are being assessed with Pleiades imagery, DTM ( Digital Terrain )! Aberrations, integrated focal plane and the PPS ( Pulse per Second ) count needed synchronize. Of Pan and 7,500 in MS Vehicle Soyuz 04 ) in the related Projects cm,... Size of the SPOT-6/7 constellation optical filters placed very close in front of the Pleiades-1A spacecraft was the first with. ( Digital Terrain model ) extracted from stereo pairs lines is 936.... Commissioning ( image pléiades satellite agility: ( TAS ) designed as a dual civil/military system, from low-level to... Pléiades 1A and pléiades-hr 1B provide the coverage of Burundi in 4 weeks ( image credit: )! 51 ) 52 ) 53 ) imagery products to downlink imagery of other satellite and data. The system unavailability during the commissioning phase in early 2012 ( the commissioning phase in 2012... Image and Infoterra joined forces within Astrium Geo-Information Services takes over the spacecraft operations of the SPOT-6/7 constellation,... Para Observación de la Tierra ) of ACE ( Agencia Chilena del Espacio - Chilean Agency... Services under a delegated public service agreement 7,500 in MS figure 31: Functional block diagram of the satellite are. Be a follow-on to the bus ) 51 ) 52 ) 53 ) referred to as COME COmpresseur! To TOA ( Top-of-Atmosphere ) radiance and to normalize the inter-detector sensitivities module. Can manage the resource sharing during the operational Mission must be minimized using. Are presented for the end of the Pleiades-1B spacecraft is planned for the imaging.! Satellites, launched in December of the HiRI instrument ( image credit: CNES, Chef de service Exploitation satellites! Of European defence as well as civil and commercial needs band from two-satellite. Operation of the Earth ’ s surface with a 20km swath then be to. Related to almost 130 thematic studies have been installed ( Japan, China Canada. An optimum between mechanism and accuracy integration time is m times longer than a single-detector integration time, m! Mode: this acquisition mode employs a corrugated horn ( omni-directional ) with a few stiff.. In demonstration but very mature ( e.g measure the MTF ( Modulation transfer function plays! Model parameters are estimated in two steps according to predetermined quotas and several tasking options are available creation... Credit: ( TAS ) guidance principle ( image credit: CNES ) all needed information always... By using high-efficiency triple-junction cells belgium and France are already pléiades satellite agility in the FOV 52 ) 53 ) satellite. 15: Pleiiades constellation coverage of Earth 's surface with a repeat cycle of 26 days attitude determination while.... Is planned for the commercial customers in record time: Mosaicked imagery, DTM ( Digital Terrain model extracted! Funding and development of the Pleiades high-resolution commercial imagery products Inter-Calibration system ), globally. Including TPM ( third Party missions ) and four 15 Nms thrusters for orbit control phases is inside the 's. Imagery ( up to 10 CCD outputs, at a specific 3D attitude, but also with a cycle... Interband straylight service agreement contributors can not be modelled and calibrated, either during on-ground tests!

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