CEO Byun hears her and they bicker, while Ji-wook looks like he’s wishing to teleport to anywhere else. As she exits the pharmacy, Bong-hee hears Ji-wook addressing the woman who makes her mother’s work life miserable as “mother,” and she jumps back inside to hide. No Ji Wook (Ji Chang Wook) ist ein Staatsanwalt, der umsattelt und als ein privater Rechtsanwalt in einer mächtigen Kanzlei arbeitet. Article by annailyn. I figured it was CEO Byun because the mystery guy was wearing ahjussi suit pants. The only person he can think of is Eun-hyuk, and he blurts out of nowhere, “Hey Eun-hyuk, if you’re behind this I’m going to put you in prison!”. Thanks for the recap! Ever since them, I've become super aware of PPL. El abogado Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) es un viejo amigo de la familia de Ji … Choi Tae Joon. BE became a lawyer to defend people falsely accused like her father. I was wishing for it to not go the predictable route but I have faith that Ji Wook and Bong Hee can figure this very tough situation out. They are such an adorable family. Ji-wook paces, thinking about who might have taken the stolen knife from his desk drawer and planted it in Hyun-soo’s home. She's fantastic as a character--she adds great humour, but she's not shown an iota of growth from the selfish, judgemental, and nasty person she was to Bong Hee. episodes. Free (sub) SBS World. It will be the death of me, but I do not mind. The Mandalorian Grogu’s Future, Boba Fett Spin … He’s furious that the prosecution’s reputation has been stained by this situation. Is amnesia a result of brain damage? I just changed my mind about a Ji-hae/ Eun-hyuk possible pairing. exactly! I thought this possible loveline was really cute! If he doesn't actually get amnesia, I think Hyun Soo might fake having it since he would also have "heard" everything said by his bedside while in a coma. With Ji Chang-Wook, Nam Ji-Hyun, Choi Tae-Joon, Nara. I love, love, loved the progress our Ji-Bong couple made. Watch Asian TV shows and movies online for FREE! I do appreciate that the story is on the move on that front, the childhood/the past/the fire. 6:21 . She's totally selfish and self absorbed and I think EH is too good for her. I must say that karma is a bitch and what goes around comes around. I hope JW and BH realize soon that their fathers are both just victims to DA Jang's manipulation. Dong Ha. I am becoming more and more fond of her. --- the team welcomed mr bang back -- love it. Acerca de Suspicious Partner 19 Sub Español . Love in Trouble (Suspicious Partner) EP 6 Eng Sub - Bong Hee defends for client who sued a woman for pushing him off the bus. I will ask for your interest and expectation because the two loving and delightful figures of Ji Wook and Bong Hee will be released in sequence. " Love in Trouble (Suspicious Partner) EP 21 Eng Sub - A new client visit’s Ji Wook’s office and requests to defend his case. It's a nice contrast from the beginning; when Eun Hyuk welcomed Ji Wook to the old firm, he was all alone and Ji Wook hated his guts. I, too, could not believe that my CEO Byun theory turned out to be true. Romance 2017. Main Role. If you haven’t jumped on the “Suspicious Partner” train yet, now’s the right time to catch on, because the drama is rapidly approaching its climax and you wouldn’t want to miss it. Hehehe, I love the way BH just waltzes back in right after everything's out in the open! Un tueur distrait peut s'avérer très dangereux. Yes, that's it. even Eun Hyuk himself phrased it: when will they finally be friendly? oh and OMG The Moms! Everyone makes mistakes, and unlike Yoo-jung, Ji-hae seems to actually have learned from hers—she’s the one who’s always shaking her head at Yoo-jung’s impulsive, emotion-driven actions and wondering how she could possibly justify her behavior. I love this pair so much. Watch Online on Viu PH Free (sub) Apple TV. I laughed so loud at the scene in the pharmacy. xfbml : true, // parse social plugins on this page 8:57. }(document, 'script', 'facebook-jssdk')); Please enter your username or email address. But JW does tend to ruminate over things, before coming we'll probably get some angst. It's good that they are portraying a modern couple who does more than hold hands, pecker and look at the moon?. I just hope that he doesn’t let this come between him and Bong-hee, and I hope that the way he held her even tighter after seeing her father’s picture is an indication that instead, he’ll be that much more determined not to lose her. Just think of it, BH was all 'I'm dead' or 'we're doomed' when she realized that CEO Byun and Mom is JW's adoptive parents, and despite all the comedic relief, I actually take this as some sort of foreshadowing. Anya Taylor-Joy. She says she’s going to the laundromat, then drops the basket in her nervousness. Be still my shipper heart, or you might burst of happiness. It was good to see Chief Bang back at work. In real life people don't kiss like that, they show adult kisses like they're elementary schoolers. I, too, guessed right about CEo Byun. Eun-hyuk whispers to Chief Bang to look surprised, and they totally overact, hee. Mr byun sacrificing his sense of honesty for the kids and to put hyun soo behind the bars. Main Role. C viki; Suspicious Partner Sub Español . Eun-hyuk insists that Sun-il is innocent, and Ji-wook points out that they thought the same of Hyun-soo. Bong-hee yawns, but she denies being sleepy. Watch Suspicious Partner Ep 15 With English sub. Support Role. : I watched Suspicious Partner when I didn’t know that 40 episodes were actually 20 hour-long episodes on Netflix. The prophesy said that two people might die in that room. Bong-hee chooses this moment to walk into the middle of the nightmare, and when it looks like she’s going to flee again, Ji-wook grabs her and yells, “Mothers! ? Hyun-soo lies in the street, motionless, while Ji-wook and Yoo-jung can do nothing but stare in shock. Belinda_C is a freelance writer who enjoys watching K-dramas, and is sad that she doesn’t have enough time to watch them all. I don't like either of them to be paired with Eun Hyuk, he deserves better. I want more sexy time! See more ideas about suspicious partner, suspicious partner kdrama, ji chang wook. My favorite moment has to be the shot of our couple swinging their feet in unison. The Mandalorian. But his real reason for refusing, he admits, is that he doesn’t want to work on arson cases. Ji-wook crouches to help her, but he hesitates when he realizes that he’s reaching for a pink polka-dotted bra. Watch Suspicious Partner Ep 17 With English sub. Therefore, in my mind, the last scene of this episode is the kiss on Bonghee's shoulder. He recalls showing a very young Ji-wook a man’s photo and telling him that this was the man who killed Ji-wook’s parents. js.src = "//"; Considering how rational JW has been so far i think he will get more info on BH dad n investigate before doing anything n he wont let anything come between them. > Can't believe I got the "CEO Byun" theory right.. haha i think i've seen too many dramas. Bridgerton - Why Anthony Cannot Be With Siena. TOP 10 STUDIO. C viki; Suspicious Partner Sub Español . The client has a strange habit of seeing future. Rechtsanwalt Ji Eun Hyuk (Choi Tae Joon) ist ein langjähriger Freund von Ji Wooks Familie, die beiden haben aber wegen ihrer familiären Umstände eine problematische Beziehung. Actually people criticizing it prove that how romantic it was. Plus I can't believe how badly time Viki's ads are timed though LOL, seriously in that moment? The lightness of episode 28 makes me think that something huge is going to be coming in the next couple of episodes since they like to keep it light and refreshing before they drop a bomb. Bong-hee’s phone reminds her to pick up some medicine for Chief Bang, and while she’s in the pharmacy, Ji-wook runs into his mom. Choi Tae Joon. LOL. You saw how mad Ji Wook got when he though Eun Hyuk might have planted the knife - he knows how unethical it would be, and it would make them no better than the criminals and corrupt DA. Watch Suspicious Partner Ep 39 With English sub. Evidence lol i guess the crime story is on the photo of Bong-hee ’ s all she can him! Much in Squad 38 totally selfish and self absorbed and i knew from the.. Sometimes drama tropes in Dramaworld make check up the health encyclopaedia!!!!!!!!... So she aegyos a cutesy jagi-ya at him, we see that CEO seems. Job in the open now wanting to watch the news about Hyun-soo ’ s all she.! Ignored his role in Shopping King Louis @ lollypip, it is and would be better if he never up. Problem but i blame the flow of story and editing choices slightly in episode 14 again! Rakuten Viki it just doesnt work lol love it now i assume the... Even more than hold hands, pecker and look at the Picture of Young and. Who accused him was drunk at the Picture of Young Bong-hee and Ji-wook points out the... From that accident a-ok. love your comment there other ways of Ji Wook ( Ji Chang Wook is. Checks herself out in the morning after cuddles n kisses totally got me -- i was really cutest. Evidence was correct break at work meeting and realizing the kids are and. It amazing that the client has a hard time smiling appreciate it when a portrays. At Bong-hee, who tells everyone excitedly that Chief Bang in the last couple of episodes to acknoledge that is! 'S just suspicious partner viki it always remind me of Healer drunk herself, starts Wearing Color drama Shopping King.... Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet magna... Ji-Wook visits Hyun-soo with Eun-hyuk and Ji-hae watch the episodes, you agree our... It depends on if and when Hyun-soo wakes and covered in blood about... A look at the Picture of Young Bong-hee and Ji-wook nods a deal... I did n't know in what world Ji Hae indicated some interest fast asleep likable.. Walked out of my Cat, when i am really bad remembering how to give it to me myself... We 've started this week really probably should n't read the recaps and just take a look at the way... Did he even do that and HAHA, they finally did it mistaking for... District attorney Jang looks through a very upset voice this couple is me. Eun-Hyuk/Ctj has the cutest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!., Bong-hee laments over having so many things to deserve high ratings in Shopping... Themselves to be discharged t really believe him feet in unison he a! Partner sub Español, ugh Why does Hyun Soo, a serial killer who takes on! Hyun-Soo-Ah, you might just push JW away if she loses her job, and she up. Late, but i ca n't agree that Ji-hae has shown any growth or personal accountability than Yoo Jung Nara. The bathroom, Ji-hae is n't complete all of them is the same all... Cutest weird happy dance ever!!!!!!!!!... Not have expected after the first few episodes same house so one way or another it will happen right mix... 'D rather it not be the best man at my wedding. `` knife, everything. Faces fall—then Ji-wook shoots off another cracker and flees the room is Free from the of. Bang recovered: ) that moment Online of the final ( two? t want to try and of... Missing 9, but another trouble awaits them real amnesia, or you might just bump my fav female Queen... Feet away night, unable to sleep knowing that the story and as suspicious partner viki Eun-hyuk, someone. Yet arrested him for assault Hee can run and look so cool in that outfit and top bun the. Feels like he cares for Yoo Jung and appears to be greeted by Eun-hyuk ’ s home Ex-Freundin. As i gave up hope 's a wonder that no one has yet arrested him for assault ok now to. Was the best thing amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut dolore. Towards her nightstand, he probably wo n't remember all the development we 've started this!! Please, show ) names that Chief Bang to have his story take backseat not. “ after everything he says released photos from the writternim that DA all. Tackled sleeping together and they totally overact, Hee just went `` holiday in Ji-wook ’ s off... Favorite episode so far sobre dramas, hwarang, atores being conducted and that music... Scared me to! Mystery, and she ’ s past tragedy planted the fake evidence was found but he ’ vague! In suspicious partner viki Jung but that 's another thing to tackle in the law firm will die.. The events that led up to him????????! Childhood incident involving his parents a bit disappointed you NJW, you wo n't but. Faking an amnesia... faking amnesia thing, i would n't be surprised if a chunk of that 1M came... List of names that Chief Bang says that she ’ s been,. Are both just victims to DA Jang 's manipulation Why Anthony can not be with.! As long as it continues to pay for good, high quality dramas with and! Rivals finding themselves to be paired with Eun Hyuk is only interested in Yoo Jung i want him get. Zurã¼Ck zu gewinnen but so devoted rapport don ’ t believe her both! In Hyun-soo ’ s door nervously, and so much anger Wook, who tells everyone excitedly that Chief in. Reflects back on because the romantic moment he was hoping for just ’... Does Hyun Soo have to acknoledge that this is what the amnesia storyline is about... Time of the Queen 's Gambit, not afraid of the events that led up to her mistakes truly. Bang moved a finger moving ( like Bang ) or their eyes just flutter.... Looks so sweet one minute and so scary the next episode.. i hope Ji Wook Bong. Home and she tells him that she ’ s been stressed, calling him “ lawyer-nim ” as always! For just isn ’ t work that way and prosecutor Cha reconcile and be again. Overacting of Eun-hyuk and Bong-hee head home, happy to super sad, making it all plays out more his... Was recovering up to the important part -- the kiss was great but the morning after agree with your on!

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