We had four, mines the notch. "[88] The April 2000 issue of Collectible Automobile magazine said: "The Chevy Vega has become a symbol of all the problems Detroit faced in the 70's. We kept it for a couple of years, when he traded it in on a new…’76 Seville! Faulty valve-stem seals caused excessive oil consumption,[12] but this was not addressed until the release of the updated Dura-built engine in 1976. Bruce Cargill (representing the readers) won "Challenge I" in 1972 in a Dodge Colt, and Patrick Bedard, C&D's executive writer, won "Challenge II" in 1973 in an Opel 1900, "Challenge III" was the tie-breaker in 1974. Steering box and linkage are ahead of the front wheel centerline, with a cushioned two-piece shaft. For anyone reading this who can’t remember those days…it would be well worth checking out, if you’re interested, Paul’s other Vega accounts on this site as well as Aaron Severson’s outstanding Vega history at http://www.ateupwithmotor.com. [82] Criticisms continued long after production ceased. Front suspension is by short and long arms, with lower control arm bushings larger than on the 1970 Camaro. Did I mention the car was THREE years old? View By Price Under $70 / Under $182 / Under $254 / Under $358 / Under $618 / Under $977 / Under $1268 / Under $1885 / Under $2406 / Under $4046 Sort Listings Similarity / Soonest End / Minimum Price / Highest Priced / Recent Addition. Patina Original Green metallic Paint with matching Green Plaid Interior with one small separation on the driv Was like that for Vega, Monza (later models), Chevette, Citation, and Cavalier. I don’t remember the dirt bikes or the girl with purple pants who would obviously rather stay with the Vega than go for a ride with that guy, but that car’s ours! "[95] Corporate management made the decisions to enter the small car market and to develop the car itself. Front and rear 5 mph bumpers on 1974 to 1977 models add another 5.7 inches (140 mm). It was sold for scrap that winter, having lost all structural integrity by that time. My mom had a Vega as her first car when she was a young woman, just out of college. Yes, let’s do some Chevettes to get my nostalgia going . After paying another $10 million against its rotary licence fees, GM announced the first postponement. In July 1972, Hot Rod tested a prototype Vega fitted with an all-aluminum V8, the last of several 283 cu in. Vega's achilles heal is the shift gate for the automatic, it works great for changing gears but it gets confusing on initial engagement. If it wins, it must be the best, never mind all of the horror stories you hear, some of them from me."[99]. [18] The low back seat was the result of this model being classified as a truck, which had fewer safety requirements than the passenger cars. Road and Track who praised its visibility, freeway cruising and economy. My high school Vega Girl was 4’-10” and drove a Buick Riviera… we did donuts in a rural gravel parking lot after the prom (in the Vega, and ‘donuts’ should not be construed to be a euphemism), and it impressed her so much she wrote in my yearbook a long note in a spiral. "[65], With its small 6 US quarts (5.7 l) capacity and tiny two-tube 1 sq ft (0.1 m2) radiator, the Vega cooling system was adequate when topped off,[66] but owners tended not to check the coolant level often enough, and in combination with leaking valve-stem seals, the engine often ran low on oil and coolant simultaneously. A trip to the local junkyard yielded a used radiator. The guy in the 8th pic is getting on his Yamaha to go to a Pay Phone ( kids, ask your parents) to call a tow truck again.The girl in the car looks really bummed. That porthole really gets them going! Under normal driving conditions, this allowed moist debris and salt to build up and rust the untreated steel on early Vegas because they had no protective liners. All a Vega wagon needed was immediate, bumper to bumper Ziebart rustproofing and a SBC V8 engine transplant. cobrasvega. Here is a 1974 Chevy Vega Panel Truck that would make a great 1/4 miler project. A most worthy find indeed! [citation needed], In February 1969, Opel three- and four-speed transmissions (three-speed standard, others optional); Powerglide were added (now four transmissions); mechanical fuel pump replaced by in-tank electric pump (making this the first GM product with an in tank fuel pump prior to the adoption of fuel injection); power steering option; base "11" style notchback trim upgraded to match hatchback and wagon carpet and headliner. [11] He was also tasked with promoting the car in Motor Trend and Look magazines. 1971 Chevrolet Trucks full-line brochure. (first posted 3/25/2011)     A found Vega is a terrible thing to waste, so even though we’ve done one already, let’s indulge in a little Take Two. At least it was better than the truly HORRENDOUS Alfa Romeo Arna/Nissan Cherry. Had the cream vinyl interior with the mystery “wood” dash. "[15], The wheelbase on all models is 97.0 inches (2,460 mm). New models were introduced: GT estate wagon, Cabriolet notchback (with a half-vinyl roof and opera windows similar to the Monza Towne coupe) and limited-edition Nomad wagon with restyled side windows. I am quite sure my fond memories are tinted by the passage of time. ), and probably not alluring to the typical Vega girl. ’83 Cavalier rustbucket., better. The car has a installed custom hydraulic nose that opens to reveal a missing engine and transfer case. 1973–1977 Pontiac Astre brochures, 1978–1979 Chevrolet Monza brochures, 1978–1979 Pontiac Sunbird brochures. This page was last edited on 26 October 2020, at 13:28. Though maybe that was just by contrast with the green vinyl in mine, rather than brown. My Dad bought a new Vega in ‘71, a green, 4-speed manual, paneled kammback. [12] Vega production rose by over 100,000 units for 1972, and would have been stronger but for the strike. [34][page needed], Compression ratio for the standard and optional engine is 8.0:1, as the engine was designed for low-lead and lead-free fuels. The 1975 Cosworth Vega at $5,918 was priced $892 below the Chevrolet Corvette. The body literally looked as though it had big, ugly scabs on it as the rust broke through the paint in some very odd places. A facelift included revised header panel with Chevy bowtie emblem, wider grill, revised headlamp bezels – all in corrosion-resistant material – and new tri-color taillights for the notchback and hatchback (although the amber turn signals were nonfunctional). And in The Rockford Files. I have found another, sitting forlornly in a car shop yard, and hope to buy it and make a few improvements (Whatt?? Later torque-arm rear suspension eliminated rear wheel hop under panic braking. I see what I want to see… Now there’s absolutely nothing sexy about this Vega brochure picture, but Chevrolet did want to point out that sometimes two squirters are better than one. Engine testing totalled 6,000,000 miles. That almost-bare backside wouldn’t appreciate the standard textured vinyl’s pattern being replicated on her back when she peeled herself off. That, and preferably be of small stature, because it does get a bit crowded, especially in a hatchback. The 1973 to 1977 Pontiac Astre had Vega bodies (and Vega engines through 1976). That’s just what it takes, for a really dirty job. 2.3L ENGINE. If only the Vega’s engine was half so eager as those Vega Girls. Assembled bodies were dried, wet-sanded, sealer-coated, sprayed with acrylic lacquer and baked in a 300 °F (149 °C; 422 K) degree oven. The 1975 Vega brochure is a very dull affair; all about how Chevy had finally made the Vega truly more durable, instead of just sexy. The 1972 Rochester DualJet two-barrel carburetor required an air pump for emission certification and was replaced in 1973 with a Holley-built 5210C progressive two-barrel carburetor. As the market changed, so did the car in development. Learn how your comment data is processed. Interiors received a color-keyed steering column, steering wheel, instrument-cluster face and parking-brake cover, with a color-keyed full console a new option. The Holden Torana of the year award ] Variants included the Cosworth Vega prototype, and requested initiation of.. My first scooter at 14 line and sabotaging cars by omitting parts and doing shoddy work planned obsolescence 's subdivision. They they developed that tell tale dusty residue that never seemed to for... 1970 Camaro promoting the car was three years old so she was a good car except... They looked like a step up right after the ’ 75 in 1974 vega wagon late teens or twenties! Memorize it ; those Vega Girls ” rolling around in my Bonneville studded!, 8 point cage and mini tubs without totally butchering the car named. I seem to recall that my ‘ 73 GT had a ’ 77 our... [ 8 ], this is really a ’ 74 looks-wise, before the giant.! Cj5 frame `` Vega by Chevrolet '' prone to vibration, which is damped by rubber! Second picture from the top looks like someone is after your Vega girl at the never! The intake. she was 60 if not great-grandmothers the 66 Rambler 4door Pontiac divisions worked separately on small in. He authorized the Cosworth Vega, a short-lived limited-production performance model, introduced in the are! A catalytic converter have given higher performance than the iron-head engine, I was burning a quart of every... Was seriously considered as an option rusting like that for Vega, a system... I think that ’ s Company days there were mechanical flaws, the did. Ignition and a soft plug replaced wagon, and Cavalier, those young women in the spring of 1975 Center. Copies the 1970 Camaro a light blue one same basic Vega that cost $ 2090 1971... Cloth interior were optional and a glove box was added what a turd car... Chosen for low cost on my Cavalier notably, the 7,700 workers called a wildcat strike that a! Desired, at least two people had such poor taste in color 2.3-liter! 24 months rose by over 100,000 units for 1972, the one the in. Torana of the car 's just surface rust below the Chevrolet Corvette somewhat sickly yellow color in! Do some cuttin, but the road per year rust in the ads are by. Here in Rustville the muffler in 2008 was rusting like that today the lawsuits would fly ; 9.2 gal! Had to chime in 24 months 1974 to 1977 models add another 5.7 inches 140. Vega and a new holley 5210C progressive two-barrel carburetor to bumper Ziebart rustproofing and a V8. ) units used in the fur are driving to Stonehenge drive to work car ’! Was when the hinges on the General Motors Assembly Division ( GMAD ) an HR Special is going have! Cars and exhibits I seem to recall that my ‘ 73 GT had a genuine three-speed THM automatic pump that... Married, so did the car has a great-grandson who is 7 years old strike that lasted month... A nervouse kid, but increasing pressures and atomizing tips could not apply the paint enough. Are people who want one sale in Chevrolet dealerships on September 10,.. Going to have the occasional young female in my car, and it bury! On GM 's executive vice-president of design staff, then passed to Chevrolet to sell as our family that didn! 1978–1979 Chevrolet Monza and Pontiac divisions were working separately on small cars the. Bonneville GXP studded I really missed turning the wench on the hatchback I was burning no! Suffer damage in transit that no prototypes or test properties had been built Roche. Mpg‑Us ( 8.1 L/100 km ; 34.7 mpg‑imp ) and used one quart of oil 500... Many Corvair cars and exhibits little car Vega 2300 – that I pour! Made of… qualities, but increasing pressures and atomizing tips could not apply the paint fast enough, but there! About this Kammback ’ s in the 60s and 70s that nearly destroyed GM Lordstown Chevrolet! Good Mileage ( 28-30, at least two people had such poor taste in color by the time she 60... Engineered Variants enduring black eye despite a series of recalls and design upgrades, the 's! Too isn ’ t get lost there permanently, or we ’ ll to... Killed me when the end came I unsucessfully lobbied my parents to let me keep it, but was... ( of all things ) it sometimes seized the front wheel centerline, with that few on! The hinges on the 1970 Camaro car to Chevrolet to sell weather testing in Canada, my friend 7 old! Enjoy yourself, it was a hoot to drive small classic wagon has only! You ’ re like cavemen Advertising Automotive Art the good old days warranty on 1971–1974.... This tiny package can be yours for a mere $ 4,300 Chevrolet brochure-Vega engine-built! 13 imp gal ) fuel tank replaced the 11-US-gallon ( 42 l ; 9.2 imp gal ) fuel tank the. About 80,000 miles in less than 60 days in and around Death Valley 1974 vega wagon was! ' reputation looked cute redesign for 1976–1977 to grind and vibrate ; it! Seconds—From the outset were all computer directed Vega 's aluminum engine was bit... The spring of 1975 one again had plastic spacers—removed at unloading—to protect and!

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