This is their first time really saying what’s on their mind and who they are, and there’s no turning back from it. Mar 20, 2019 - 'The Umbrella Academy' season 1 photos. Collider:  I loved this, and I love your characters so much! I like doing those scenes because you’re on your toes and you’re uneasy because your boss is pretty horrible. That helped everything fit into place. We know them fully, in and out. The Umbrella Academy: Cameron Britton spoke about what he wants Hazel to do next season. But there’s also a certain obedience that she has because she knows it’s her boss. His most recent project is the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy, where he plays the assassin Hazel. What’s making her into this horrible person? After completing his education, he worked as a preschool teacher. order back issues and use the historic Daily Express Cameron Britton is a famous American actor appearing in movies and television shows. There were some really interesting, heavy scenes. Hazel Umbrella Academy actor was not part of the film and television show industry until 2014. We will use your email address only for sending you newsletters. I’ve never thought of him that way. It really helped develop it. BLIGE:  The crazy thing is that, with our fight, we were supposed to fight again the next day, but we were so beat up and bruised that they wouldn’t let us fight again. I couldn’t breathe in mine, and I couldn’t see. When a project knows, “Okay, my bad guys need to be a little sympathetic, and my good guys need to have a bit of a mean streak,” you’re off to a good start. You want climatic scenes to pay off, and sometimes they don’t, but that was really gratifying. Horoscope Gemini Cameron Britton is a well known American actor, known for his role as Ed Kemper in series Mindhunter. It’s a man and a woman, but we weren’t interested in a romantic element to the show. This was the first project [Mary’s stunt double] had ever worked on. While they’ve been prepared to save the world, things are never that easy, and now that the impending apocalypse is very real, Luther (Tom Hopper), Diego (David Castañeda), Allison (Emmy Raver-Lampman), Klaus (Robert Sheehan), Vanya (Ellen Page) and Number Five (Aidan Gallagher) must get over their own family drama, if they have any chance of stopping global destruction. I also loved the fight between Hazel and Diego. Adam Godley plays motion-captured Pogo, the domesticated, philosophic ape. (Netflix) BRITTON:  Yeah, I can’t imagine enjoying this project without Mary. BLIGE:  I think that because it’s been a long period of time that Hazel and Cha-Cha have done this together, Cha-Cha doesn’t care about anybody else in the world, but Hazel. She loves them not being in her business, as long as she does what they tell her to do. They have to stay very incognito, in general. BLIGE:  Well, not exactly where the character came from, but who she was is what I created for her. Anytime there’s a really heavy fight going on, there’s usually some upbeat music behind it. His teaching career lasted eight years. We were like, “We took Epsom salt baths.” And they were like, “No, you guys are not fighting!”. As for her donut-loving counterpart Hazel, well, he's played by up-and-coming actor Cameron Britton — and yes, you probably recognize his face as well, even if … Cameron went on to say he thinks Hazel will spend a lot of time protecting Agnes in the future. In season 2, an elderly Hazel appears to Five in 1963. The Umbrella Academy: Hazel and Cha Cha were originally allies - but it quickly devolved, The Umbrella Academy: Number Five was being tracked down by the assassins before they split, The Umbrella Academy Netflix release date, cast, trailer, plot. Primetime Emmy Award nominee for his portrayal of serial killer Ed Kemper in the Netflix series Mindhunter. Hazel is also sucker for sugary treats. You don’t want to make performances, you want to make people. The whole thing was exciting to me. That was my favorite scene. It makes me feel good to find people that are genuinely cool and down to earth, and that want to see you do better in life, and I felt that from Cameron. recently caught up with Hazel actor Cameron Britton to discuss the relationship, and what he expects to see next season for the star-crossed lovers. Hazel spent a lot of his time in the show chasing after Number Five to kill him, but in reality the Number Five actor Aidan was nowhere near the sets. The Umbrella Academy location: Where is The Umbrella Academy filmed? They go on a pretty crazy ride. Britton was born on June 6, 1986, in Burlington, Ontario of Canada. It’s the one person that she has to listen to, and she’s not happy about that. There was a little conversation of that, but even friends didn’t really feel right. You have to feel like it came from somewhere. She can just do this, all day. What can you say about that relationship? Once I feel safe, I let people in, and I felt safe and let him in, and it was on. I didn’t fully understand the character yet. Hazel is the partner in crime of Cha-Cha. When you have a character who really cares about no one, what happens when the only person she has any affinity for is pulling away from her? Cameron Britton got an Emmy Award nomination for his portrayal of serial killer Ed Kemper in the Netflix crime-drama Mindhunter. She knows that it could be the end of her, if she doesn’t listen. I’ve never thought of him that way. His first major feature film was The Girl in the Spider’s Web . You don’t like your boss, but you don’t really even know if you can not like your boss because you don’t know your boss because she’s so secretive. In the Netflix adaptation, he is portrayed by Cameron Britton. Mar 22, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Romane Ludovici. They ensure that everything will play out like it was meant to. What did you enjoy about working with each other, and what did you learn about each other from working together? One of the best things about the Hazel/Cha-Cha relationship is the chemistry that you guys have together. There was a little conversation of that, but even friends didn’t really feel right. Official production stills, screenshots and other images from the first season. Cameron Britton on IMDb Cameron Britton on Twitter Cameron Britton on Instagram She knew that she had to do backflips, so she went on YouTube and figured out how to do backflips. They’re always working. Whenever you have a role where you don’t get to know anything about the character, you have to invent it yourself. Cha-Cha loves how impersonal it is. They filled in on things that I wanted nothing to do with, and they were really, really good stunt doubles. We won’t say who wins that fight, but you probably have a pretty good idea. That little brother/big sister thing felt like the right place to go with it. He is best known for appearing as Ed Kemper in the hit Netflix crime drama television series 'Mindhunter' and as Hazel, in another popular Netflix series 'The Umbrella Academy'. Please see our Privacy Notice for details of your data protection rights. The last eight years, all they’ve had is each other. I figured out a lot of who Hazel is by doing the scenes with Mary. Struggling to transfer Hazel from the comics to a live-action character, Britton walked into the audition and asked “what do you want?,” to which the casting director […] I was surprised at how much emotionally connected to them and their story. BRITTON:  Yeah, and that’s ideally the kind of projects you want. It was fun fighting Hazel. Cameron Britton (born June 6, 1986) is an American actor known for his role as Ed Kemper in the Netflix crime drama television series Mindhunter, for which he received a Primetime Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Drama Series, and Hazel in … Why ‘Hamilton’ Was the Movie Event of 2020, ‘Tenet’: Let’s Dig into the Film’s Ending. It’s pretty cool to watch, and it’s really interesting to watch. It seems like Cha-Cha would rather kill her then have to answer to her. In 2014, he switched careers and joined the entertainment industry. If you go back to Season 1 of, BRITTON:  Yeah, I also found that very challenging. And that was really fun. ... and also played Hazel the hitman in Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy. Eventually, there’s a pretty tight bond there. It was eight years of build-up, to that moment. Cameron Britton Cameron went on to say he thinks Hazel will spend a lot of time protecting Agnes in the future. The show is twisted and ironic like that. He announced: “Aiden plays him so well, he does that grown up so well that any scenes you have dialogue with him you often forget you’re performing with a kid. Do you think that these two people genuinely care about each other, or are they with each other because they have to be? A lot of figuring that out was with the dynamics with Cha-Cha. It leads to some really interesting storylines. That’s a lot of why you sign up, because you want to do a fight. What was it like also having the masks, and how much time did you have to spend in them? Hazel is a minor antagonist in The Umbrella Academy, and a major antagonist turned anti-hero in its Netflix adaptation.A time-travelling assassin, he teams up with Cha-Cha to stop the apocalypse. He’s 6 foot 5 inches tall, and … Based on the popular and award-winning Dark Horse Comics graphic novels created by Gerard Way (My Chemical Romance) and illustrated by Gabriel Bá, the Netflix series The Umbrella Academy follows the “children” of Sir Reginald Hargreeves (Colm Feore), a billionaire industrialist who adopts seven of the 43 infants inexplicably born on the same day in 1989 to random women who showed no signs of pregnancy the day before. Discover (and save!) They’re funny situations to put people in fights, and I love that about the show. Were there ever fights or action sequences that you weren’t able to do, that you were really bummed you couldn’t do yourself? He made it really easy.”. He began by revealing what he would like to see more of the couple in the next season, saying: “I’d like them to be somewhere in the middle of the country where they’re away from the cities, away from the competitiveness of human nature.”. Did you create histories for who these people are and where they came from? Hazel's fate took a turn for the worst toward the beginning of the Netflix series' sophomore season, which premiered this past July. Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. She is a theme park fanatic, which has lead to covering various land and ride openings, and a huge music fan, for which she judges life by the time before Pearl Jam and the time after. She’s an empty person and she doesn’t care. This was my first time as a regular on a TV show, and it was hers, as well, so there were some nerves there. They live hotel room to hotel room. On top of that, he is better for playing the role of Hazel in The Umbrella Academy. He went on to land a series regular role in The Umbrella Academy as Hazel. That little brother/big sister thing felt like the right place to go with it. 288 - The Work of David Fincher. Not in the film world. He portrays Hazel in the Netflix adaption of The Umbrella Academy. Did you have a lot of questions? He holds Canadian nationality and Caucasian ethnicity. The dynamic Hazel and Cha-Cha have with The Handler (Kate Walsh) is definitely an interesting one. He and his partner Cha-Cha are supposed to stop anything that isn't supposed to happen from happening. If they’re in a mask, I can’t really see it. “So whatever circumstances befall Hazel and Agnes… he’ll do his best to care for and protect them.”. And this event changes everything for Hazel, as he decides to stop killing people, and to live his life with Agnes. The only property they own is on their backs. At the Los Angeles press day to promote the new series, Collider got the opportunity to sit down with co-stars Cameron Britton and Mary J. Blige (who play time-traveling assassins Hazel and Cha-Cha, respectively) to talk about their reaction to this material, playing characters with such a unique relationship, developing their own backstory for their performances, their favorite scene to shoot, the fun of playing a bad-ass, wearing the masks, the adversarial boss-employee dynamic with The Handler (Kate Walsh), and what they loved about working with each other. I was like, “Yes, it will be a challenge, but I can’t wait to see what it looks like, once we start shooting.” I dove into it. BLIGE:  For me, I was so excited about the character. I find him to be really unique, so that was fun. It’s that thing with the first season of a show, where you watch and, early on, the actors are still figuring out the characters. I felt like he was a team player who wanted to see me succeed, and that made me comfortable. And I love Cha-Cha for that. Cameron explained: “Because of the child working laws he wasn’t even allowed in the building if a gun was going off! However it doesn’t seem like Hazel and Agnes will have the easiest time in a potential second season, as they will surely be hunted down by Cha-Cha once again. BLIGE:  I hated those masks, and I don’t care if I ever see it. Cameron Britton – deadly assassin and fed-up blue-collar worker as The Umbrella Academy’s Hazel – landed his role by doing precisely what all the handbooks advise against doing. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. They go on a pretty crazy ride. Umbrella Academy Netflix release time: What time is it out? That drives him crazy. How it was choreographed, there was a little bit of comedy in it, as well. COURTESY OF NETFLIX/NETFLIX © 2020 “My cult is going to be so pissed… I told them we had until 2019.” Cameron Britton was born in 1984 in Burlington, Ontario, Canada. The fight wasn’t just two people duking it out. BRITTON:  Yeah, I also found that very challenging. The Umbrella Academy cast: Who is in the cast of The Umbrella Academy? Oscar Beat: Best Actor Predictions — Will Chadwick Boseman Win? It was insane! All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. It drives Hazel up the wall that they don’t explain a thing. There was laughter and chemistry, and that just felt good. I had to conjure up a whole bunch of stuff that would make her into the person that’s now so empty. He celebrates his birthday on the 6 th of June every year. Free to download and share. Hazel is all she has to help her do what she loves, which is to kill people. The Umbrella Academy (TV Series 2019– ) Cameron Britton as Hazel BLIGE:  Yeah, pretty much. Good guys are the ones who are a little confused about their identities. I don’t think. The Umbrella Academy is available to stream at Netflix. Netflix's 'Death to 2020' Trailer Puts a 'Black Mirror' Spin on This Awful Year, 'The Umbrella Academy': Mary J. Blige & Cameron Britton on Playing Time-Traveling Assassins, 'Gomorrah' Season 3: HBO Max Sets U.S. Release Date for the Italian Mafia Drama You Should Really Be Watching, Christine Baranski Reveals the Bravest Decision of Her Career, ‘The Mandalorian’ Cast & Character Guide: Who's Who in the Disney+ Series, 'SNL' Reveals New Joe Biden After Jim Carrey Quits & He's a Familiar Face, David Fincher Put a Dog in a Costume For 'Alien 3'; He Should've Kept Trying That. At the same time, I knew I was having fun. I still have the scar on my forehead to prove it. BRITTON:  It was mostly my fault that I beat myself up. BLIGE:  I had so much fun with everything, but my favorite scene was the fighting scene with Hazel because it’s what I so heavily desired to do. It’s amusing. I wanted to see myself doing that. Cr. He’s Tall. BRITTON:  Yeah, they do. She is also a member of the Critics Choice Association and the Television Critics Association. We spent a lot of time, off set, talking about where the other was coming from. Then, everyone is happy. The Umbrella Academy welcomes a villainous duo to the show early on in the form of Hazel (played by Cameron Britton) and Cha-Cha (Mary J Blige). Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. So, it’s really cool to be on a project where one of the bad guys is pretty mixed up and confused. It really helped develop it. By the end of the show, I was super immersed in the plot and what was going on for Hazel. The duo also discusses their characters' massive masks. Despite this minor setback during filming, Cameron went on to praise Aidan for his incredible performance throughout the show. Luckily for him, those choices paid off, so much so that one of his creations, the alternative romance between time-traveling assassin Hazel (Cameron Britton) and doughnut shop worker Agnes (Sheila McCarthy), became one of the most endearing and effective subplots of the first season. Five warned his family (so, so many times) that using his powers to escape from Vanya's 2019 apocalypse was risky. It is no secret that it takes a kind heart to deal with special needs children, so this young man is truly a golden-hearted human being. Hazel is a hitman, whose job is to keep the timeline safe and steady. BLIGE:  I learned that Cameron is an amazing person. Whenever you have a role where you don’t get to know anything about the character, you have to invent it yourself. Hazel and Cha-Cha really have their own little journey that’s so interesting, but they don’t have a lot of backstory and we don’t get to learn too much about their history, especially initially. It’s a man and a woman, but we weren’t interested in a romantic element to the show. I figured out a lot of who Hazel is by doing the scenes with Mary. CAMERON BRITTON:  For me, it was stressful because they gave us two episodes, and then maybe a third before shooting, and I didn’t know where these characters were going to go. However he quickly finds himself enthralled by a local donut shop owner, Agnes. The duo of hitmen (who both wear cartoonish cat masks) are known for their love of delicacies, often taking time in-betwee… In 2018, he played the hacker Plague in the theatrical thriller The Girl in the Spider’s Web. Alongside Mary J. Blige's Cha-Cha, Britton's Hazel is one-half of a pair of futuristic assassins sent to stop the apocalypse from being set into motion by Number Five (Aidan Gallagher). If you go back to Season 1 of The Office, Steve Carell’s character is a lot different. In an exclusive interview with for his series Manhunt: Deadly Games, actor Cameron Britton, who portrays Hazel in the time-traveling drama, said he would "love" to come back to the show to reprise the fan-favorite character. Cameron Britton is an actor, known for Mindhunter (2017), The Girl in the Spider's Web (2018) and Stitchers (2015). THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY (L to R) CAMERON BRITTON as HAZEL and AIDAN GALLAGHER as NUMBER FIVE. Britton also played the role of Ed Kemper in the Netflix series Mindhunter. High quality Cameron Britton gifts and merchandise. The final moments of the series saw the couple escaping from the clutches of Cha-Cha and jumping through time to get away from the apocalypse. He handled special needs children aged between 18 months and three years. “So we were actually shooting with his body double.”. The Umbrella Academy is available on Netflix. Christina Radish is a Senior Reporter at Collider. Cameron Britton’s age is 34. This article contains spoilers for The Umbrella Academy. I didn’t fully understand the character yet. I haven’t sat with a scene partner and discussed the characters’ dynamics like that. I don’t know how common it is to have folks that are that dedicated to the characters and fighting like the characters, and not just going through the motions. Because you get to do so many crazy, fun things in this show, did you have a scene that you most enjoyed shooting? There were some really interesting, heavy scenes. That’s why Cha-Cha is who she is. While Agnes and Hazel will need a lot of protection in a second season of the show, Cameron also spoke about Number Five, and the restrictions he was forced to adhere to. By the time you get to that scene where she’s chained to a radiator, that was one of my favorite scenes to shoot because we know everything that’s been going on. BRITTON:  It’s weird because The Commission intentionally keeps its employees at bay and stays mysterious.

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