Sun or part shade. AGM Flamingo Maiden Grass Growing and Maintenance Tips. Architectural, City, Cottage/Informal, Flower Arranging, Beds and borders, Low Maintenance, Mediterranean, Prairie planting. Also known as maiden grass, miscanthus looks good even when it’s not in bloom. This variety produces creamy flower plumes that top gracefully arching, striking leaves that turn a rich gold in fall. Miscanthus maiden grass is easy to care for and hardy in USDA zones 5 to 9. A pink flowering, free hanging form, possessing lightness and elegance. The seed heads turn silver-white in the autumn. What Is Miscanthus Grass?. They typically take from two to nine weeks to germinate once the temperature reaches 15 degrees Centigrade. Sp. The Miscanthus Ornamental Grass is a new strain of grass that has a more vigor than previous types of ornamental grasses. 200cm. A favourite of Piet Oudolf. 100cm. Suggested uses. Miscanthus' photosynthetic mechanism appears to be better adapted to low temperatures than that of many other C4 crops, equipping it … Plants should be divided, in spring, every few years, to maintain freshness. Ornamental Miscanthus Sinensis Seeds 1000pcs, Family Poaceae Chinese Silver Grass Seeds, Flowering Perennial Eulalia Grass Seeds ... Mr.seeds 200 PCS / bag Purple Flamingo Cockscomb (celosia spicata) Seeds Bonsai Flower Seeds Potted Plants for DIY Home & Garden $5.59. This popular ornamental grass has a graceful, vase-like shape that fills the garden with soft, airy texture. A few varieties, Sarabande, Purpurascens and ''Silberfeder', are hardy to zone 4. Some cultivars are hardy only to zone 6. Bred by Ernst Pagels.Ht. Miscanthus sinensis are very hardy (USDA Zones 5 - 9). Cut their foliage to the ground in late winter before new shoots appear. Pendant deep pink flowers. The Miscanthus can reach a height of 6-7 feet! When growing Miscanthus it is best to sow the seeds outdoors. Miscanthus sinensis, or maiden grass, is a family of ornamental plants with a clumping habit and graceful arching stems. About this cultivar: Miscanthus sinensis 'Flamingo' is described by Piet Oudolf and Michael King in their useful book ‘Gardening with Grasses’ as “ of the best varieties. Cultivation. Miscanthus is a genus of woody, flowering ornamental grasses. Distinctive arching habit. This group of grasses has added appeal in late summer with spectacular plumes and in fall with bronze to burgundy colored foliage. Foliage can be left standing all winter, however, it should be pruned early to mid-spring to make way for new growth. How to Grow Miscanthus. Sow them on the surface about 60 to 90 cm apart for small species; large Miscanthus varieties should be planted singularly. When it does bloom, the fine foliage is topped by silvery seed heads. Miscanthus Giganteous is a non-invasive grass that can be controlled because it has no viable seeds and runners underground. Miscanthus sinensis 'Flamingo' Arching plumes of pinkish flowers look silver-pink in certain lights are carried on stiff stems that erupt from a mound of long, mid-green leaves that have white midribs. There are two species of Miscanthus grass, saccariflorus and sinensis, both of which are native to Asia. Lovely autumn colour is a further advantage.” Its silvery seed heads Miscanthus sinensis may be planted in the fall, although spring is the best time. Plant in moist, free-draining soil in full sun. Miscanthus sinensis 'Flamingo' (Eulalia 'Flamingo') will reach a height of 1.5m and a spread of 1m after 2-5 years.

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