Nice, the craft beer movement is sweeping across Canada, too! I don’t drink beer myself unless it’s more of a Radler (or juice like beer). Great Lost Bear. The brews, from the Owl’s Head Light Ale (3.25% ABV) and Windjammer Blonde Ale (4.8% ABV), to the two wheats, Sunfish (4.6% ABV), and Bluepaw (4.6% ABV), to the more traditional Old Gollywobbler Brown Ale (4% ABV), IPAs (+/- 6% ABV), Pale Ale (4.8% ABV) and Stout 4.5% ABV), the beers were quaffable, session beers I wished I had on a patio someplace. When you access a brewery’s tasting room through a giant gift shop, no one would blame you for a healthy pint of skepticism. I could spend many nights / weeks in Portland tasting the different beers with my Dad. Unfortunately, there are few breweries that serve food in Portland. Farmhouse ales are the most recent addition to our beer-drinking repertoire. Portland is one of my favorite cities but I’ve not done any of the breweries there. I love breweries and we are stouts and porters people. Sounds like Boothbay Craft Brewery’s Route 27 Lager. As befits the founders’ inspiration and training, the brews made at Geary’s comprise mostly English-style ales. South Portland, too, gained a brewery since our last visit. Allagash is one of the oldest and best breweries in Maine, brewing since 1995. With dozens of breweries and countless locally sourced restaurants, it’s no wonder Portland, Maine, is a beer geek and food lover’s paradise. The Farmhouse Pale Ale (6% ABV) is a delightful, mildly hoppy saison. Did not eat here no review on that” more, “ a dozen visits I think I met everyone and have had great chats with all. My husband and I try to visit Maine at least once a year but we have never checked out their breweries. IPA (8.3% ABV) is so aggressive, citrusy, and resin-y it’s hard to tell it’s an IPA. Indeed, when I first researched Portland, Maine I was shocked (in a good way). Though Gruit Brewing, UFF’s beer-making operation, specializes in the eponymous historic German style brewed not with hops but with various other plants, including “herbs, roots, flowers, fruits, vegetables, and leaves [and fungi that the brewers] forage, source locally, or grow in [their] garden,” our sampler flight did not include the style. A few tables fill up quickly; Portlander after Portlander hauls cartons of cans out; and the pop-up Japanese restaurant in the corner infuses the room with decisively non-beer fragrances. From Connecticut to Maine, we’ve hit a bunch of great spots. looking for the beer i had at the Taj Indian Cuisine Restaurant with Route 27 in it’s title. For Father’s Day we visited 2 great small breweries. The rest of the Allagash beer flight rotates. With nearly every brewery choosing to be a member of the Maine Brewers’ Guild, this is the most comprehensive list of Maine craft breweries you’ll find in Maine. and The Salad Lobby as well as Immigrant in Chief at Salad Bowl USA. We were excited to go to Peak Organic until discovering that the brewery does not have a taproom or any other public facility to go to. Instead, we tasted a range of other unique beers. You’ll get a twofer there: it is both a brewery and distillery, both of which are on view behind the bar. "Plenty of tables, plenty of wide ranging beers to choose from including soda! Yes, it did require serious dedication and fortitude. Thanks, Victoria. When I first read your title I read Maine, but my brain saw Breweries and immediately assumed Oregon. Hours: Monday–Saturday noon to 7:00 p.m., Sunday noon to 5:00 p.m. Wheat beer aged on cucumbers? Instead, we went with the Intergalactic India Pale Lager (6% ABV). A shot of mead delivered the sweetness we craved after all the fermented flavors. Thanks, Jas, it’s an easy mistake to make. Once again another great article spreading the good word of Portland…And, while discussing craft beer! But I guess it’s getting big almost everywhere. What a truly comprehensive guide to breweries in Portland! Wow. The other two brews in our sampler were completely new styles to us. Serving off-the-boat-fresh seafood and Pub Fare from 11 to 10:30 daily. Me neither, before I went. Wow, I had no idea there were so many craft breweries in Portland, Maine! Since we just got back from a great trip to Portland, I want to highlight all the great breweries Portland has to offer. Hours: Monday–Thursday 2:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., Friday–Saturday noon to 10:00 p.m., Sunday noon to 8:00 p.m. The Bandolier (5.5% ABV) is a bière de printemps, a light bière de garde farmhouse ale brewed for the spring, with a lovely malty sweetness providing an opening shot for a tart ride. This is super comprehensive, thank you! While you’re in the neighborhood, be sure to swing by the bevy of breweries on Insutrial way like Definitive, … I am a porter fan but am always excited to try out other offerings … I love beer flights! I have yet to visit Maine, but it looks like I have yet another reason to go. On the flipside, a local rag reported that the brewery was growing, so maybe there will be a place to go with the intriguing concept of organic beer too. Personally I’d prefer one of the fruit flavoured ones from Sea Dog. The S.O.S Special Oatmeal Stout (6.8% ABV) was a decent tangy and dry stout whose first batch in 2013 had been made to celebrate Gritty’s 25th anniversary. I did visit a lot of Breweries in California and even visited Oregon but didn’t visit this area. It was the Bourbon Barrel Aged Smashed Blueberry Ale (11.1% ABV) that blew our mind. I’m bookmaking this for our next trip down east. Case in point: the Avalon Double IPA (7.5%) is less boozy than the IPA but, being cleaner, you can actually taste something other than the juiciness. A fairly uncommon style, IPLs are hopped like IPAs and yeasted and aged like lagers, which often results in beers that are neither here nor there, with the best of both worlds lost in translation. We’ll have to get there soon to get our drink on! Thanks, Cherri. Good sports bar in Portland Maine. Portland Beers by Style. That it’s triple dry-hopped helps all the notes stand out, too. All of the beers we tried met our expectations of each style; they were good but there were also no surprises. The Winter Ale (6% ABV) and Hampshire Special (7% ABV), a chewy, sweet English Strong Ale, served as reminders of the winter past. Born on the edge of Portland, Maine in 2014, our focus has always been on building a business we are proud of that makes a difference in our community one beer … It’s a decent specimen of the style, albeit not suited to being drunk in the midday sun. We reached its original Old Port location—Maine’s first brew pub—in the middle of a rain storm; its spacious English-pub brick-and-wood interior, heartwarming English-style ales, excellent service, and Grateful Dead cover band made for a haven for us, who had once dreamed of sailing the great seas with the children of Captain Grant. The Pale Ale (4.5% ABV) is a middle-of-the-road English pale that would wash heavy food down well, as would the Irish Red Ale (4.8% ABV) dessert with its caramel notes. Destination breweries with brew pubs, like Gritty’s or Sea Dog, are comfy places to enjoy a few pints and classic pub grub. The location is awesome as you can walk to 3 other breweries within” more, “Really good beer! The Biscuit Phrase Elderberry Belgian Dubbel (3.5% ABV) is so sour it doesn’t taste like beer, but then we are not fans of sours (not yet, anyway). Great details to plan a beer tour. A month before our 2017 visit, the Geary family sold the Portland, Maine microbrewery, a response to the same market pressures old breweries in Portland, Oregon, like Bridgeport, have faced. The tap room is a lively, down-to-business space typical of joints fronting a brewing facility. By contrast, the light-colored brews disappointed us. Who knew hanging out at warehouses was so hot! We tried to avoid drinking the kinds of beers we already knew from the West Coast, e.g. The bar food was pretty good, wings were high quality, cooked as requested and properly heated. Definitely bookmarking this for when I do get a chance to visit Portland, Maine. Maine works hard to promote its beer outside the state and even abroad, e.g. 2. Thank you for such a comprehensive list! Considering the sheer number of breweries, steady market growth, and particularly excellent reputation, perhaps there’s less of a need to promote Oregon beer. In the corporate, American-chain-restaurant brew pub, which seems so common to older, more established breweries (Sebago was founded in 1998), nothing really stood out for us, including the beer. Nice, you’ve experienced a true conversion. Seems like I’m wrong though. It must have taken a lot of research. From left: A busy day at Foundation; Riverton Flyer Pilsner; a sandwich board sign out front, The Riverton Flyer Pilsner (5.5% ABV) is a solid pilsner whose enjoyment was only hampered by the delivery vehicle. Even stronger, Zombie Bunny (6.6% ABV) is an excellent Helles Bock delivering a malt-forward sweetness on the back of Mandarina hops. Wow! Thanks for sharing! Perhaps a little too loud as the machine hum of the canning line accentuated that of the crowd. Boothbay Craft Brewery is a great place to start your tour of the best breweries in Maine near our inn. "Plenty of tables, plenty of wide ranging beers to choose from including soda! Spacious and a bit impersonal, the place gave us a feeling wecould be anywhere. Libbytown. The Machine (5.2%) is the closest we had to a true Czech Pilsner in Portland, ME breweries. (207) 800-4680. It looks like the beer scene in Portland, Maine is even better than Vancouver. Bean Outlet as well as Maine Beer Company, a producer of hoppy American-style ales. Most microbreweries we visited in Portland, Maine only have a tasting room, attached to the brewing facility itself. Even after 2-ounce samplers of these brews we were so hopped out we decided to forgo the Flume Double IPA (8% ABV) and Endless Ride Kettle Sour (3.7%). On our second visit, a year later, two new breweries had opened (Battery Steele Brewing and Goodfire Brewing) and one (One Eye Brewing) closed in Portland; and one new brewery opened in South Portland (Island Dog Brewing). Awesome!! Maine’s largest city’s neighbor to the south, South Portland, boasts another four breweries. Foulmouthed Brewing is on the other side of Casco Bay, in South Portland. We host a rotating lineup of our core and seasonal offerings and features new beers and pilot brews that have not yet hit the market. Not affiliated with the hotel. It was unsettling, even frustrating at first, as we kept wondering where “the middle” went. From left: Lux Rye Pale Ale; Bissell Brothers beer list; Precept Pilsner. Where the hazy IPA specialist’s space hopped with crowds of drinkers and can buyers and loud pop rock, Island Dog stood empty and cavernous and mellow with classic rock on quiet (the space does fill up for the various events hosted here, including comedy nights, concerts, and private events). Still, we will return to Foulmouthed just to see what the brewers come up with next. You are definitely a beer connoisseur! Austin Street Brewery (far, left) and Battery Street Brewing (near, right) on a sunny Saturday afternoon. The working title of the original version of this guide to Portland, ME breweries was, “How to visit 10 Portland, Maine breweries in 3 days.” The solution: on foot. The brewery scene was still pretty new the last time I was there – so I guess it’s time for another visit! With more than 75 breweries in Portland, it can be tough to pin down where to go for happy hour. Come on a weekday or in bad weather for a seat in the tiny tasting room and personalized attention from staff. Must be something about the name Portland that coincides with great beer! My husband loves great beer and I love to plan in a few brewery visits and great beer bars in our travels. Great service! But if you’re in the mood for great beer and a fantastic meal, try these spots that serve the best brewery food in Portland. We could not see IBU (International Bitterness Unit) values listed anywhere as is the standard around the Pacific Northwest. RESTAURANT TAKEOUT/DELIVERY IN PORTLAND. We will likely visit Portland at some point since I have a few friends there. Come hither, the gateway to farmhouse ales is open. Hope you get to visit and enjoy some Maine craft beer soon! And, like the breweries on Industrial Way in Portland, Island Dog Brewing, established in June 2017 and inspired by a visit to a microbrewery on a beer bus tour, occupies a warehouse space in a nondescript business park building. Portland, Maine being a small town, it is possible to visit most breweries on foot. Fifth in a series, the hazy OnSight #5 (Double?) Maine Beer Company Untappd: 4.04 Open 7 days a week 11 AM – 8 PM Monday through Saturday, 11 AM – 5 PM Sunday Food: Yea. The effort was worth it 😉. We should have come to Oxbow in Portland, Maine to take lessons. Fractal IPA, made with spruce tips, is like no IPA we’ve ever had; in fact it tastes nothing like IPA. I like the sound of the BBQ at Salvage. The same goes for the Industrial Park Ale (9%), an experimental double IPA that’s so strong and overwrought it would have won Oregon’s hop wars of yore. We sampled the Afterglow IPA (7% ABV) at Eventide Oyster Company, to accompany the famous lobster roll. Hours: Daily 3:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. (Happy Hour is Monday–Friday 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.). We were ahead of the game in Maine, with Allagash Brewing Company opening over 25 years ago, before the recent craft brewery boom. In 1983, when it started, there were only 13 microbreweries in the entire country (there are over 5,300 today). It was a lot of fun to do the research blind like that. Bar, Pub, American, $$$ Maine’s first great beer bar, the Great Lost Bear … Haven’t been to Portland yet but will definitely look back on your article for some breweries to visit when we do go there. Like the commuity of fermented brews, the taproom, located in a warehouse near Lone Pine and Goodfire breweries, has the comfortable feel of a community space. Join us for a Walk Through Time! What a great guide this is about brewberries in Portland. If you’re in town when they’re releasing Dinner, a double IPA, hop in line–it’s generally regarded as one of the best DIPAs ever made. Conveniently located down the road from Allagash (Austin and Foundation are on the same street), Geary’s is the oldest craft brewery in Maine. Your guide will come in handy, thanks! Hours: Monday–Saturday 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 a.m., Sunday 11:00 a.m. to midnight. We reaffirmed the benefit of low expectations and were rewarded with a pleasant surprise in our sampler flight. Not only were we not disappointed, Rising Tide rose to our top three list of Portland, Maine microbreweries on the strength of their product. Rising Tide – 4.5 They were out of our first choice, Shaka Zulu (5.6% ABV), a Nordic Blonde made with South African hopes and Maine oats. Just a seven-minute drive away, this centrally located craft brewery offers excellent artisanal craft ales that they call “Imperial Attitude Ales.” Plus, you can find tasty food and friendly service at the adjoining Watershed Tavern. If you don’t have time for all the breweries in Portland, ME (who does?) Within a few years, the reformulated flagship IPA won gold at the GABF, and its new reputation was solidified as Portland's IPA king. While we didn’t sample any of the hard stuff, they know what they’re doing when it comes to beer. Copyright © 2013-2018 Where Is Your Toothbrush? Best Brewery Food in Portland. Luckily for our old-school taste buds, Bissell’s lineup also features Precept Pilsner (5.6% ABV), which gave us a little taste of Central Europe. Worth stop on a Portland beer crawl. As a result, we found Maine microbrews to be lighter in body than we are accustomed to. Though they offer ales as well, this brewery in Portland, Maine is really strong in lagers and Pilsners and we went for those. Before we could get to the saison, stout, or barleywine, we ran out of patience and daylight. Curious about Portland's history with railroads fires wars famous poets and Hollywood producers? The Portland facility focuses on aging, blending, and bottling. I had no idea there were so many breweries in Portland. Our favorite bit was the design of the posters serving as the beer list. We’re inviting you to visit our breweries all across the state: in city pubs and river lodges, revitalized mills and old barns, along downtown storefronts, and down hidden dirt road hideaways. While they come with that old-school feel, they are fine exemplars of their respective styles. To us, the Maine Brewer’s Guild does a better job than its Oregon counterpart—in some ways anyway. Delivery Services. The only thing missing at this Portland, Maine brewery was a fireplace. Your email address will not be published. ), the idea behind the business (small and local) and plans for the future (slow and steady growth with self-distribution only). it was love at first taste and I should have photographed the can. Quite the impressive guide to breweries in Portland, Maine. We couldn’t handle the tartness of the Windfall (6.1% ABV), a Brett, which must be one of our least favorite styles. Have you been to any of these microbreweries in Portland, Maine? In fact, Allagash and Founder Rob Tod was just named the 2019 Outstanding Wine, Spirits, or Beer Producer at the James Beard Foundation awards.. From the influential craft beer giants, Allagash, to newcomers like Bunker, Portland has some of the best breweries … Perhaps so as to satisfy as broad a palate as possible, their lineup contains 19 beers, most of which are available in their downtown facility and tasting room. I know have a resource to check for my next visit 🙂. We are open daily and sell flights, 10 oz pours, growlers, and packaged product as well as Capt’n Eli’s Soda. Hours: Tuesday–Saturday noon to 7:00 p.m., Sunday–Monday noon to 5:00 p.m. We picked two rotating beers from an extensive list. Oregon’s Portland tends to hog the limelight when it comes to beer. Hours: Monday and Thursday 2:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m., Friday–Saturday noon to 7:00 p.m., Sunday 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (closed Tuesday–Wednesday), Hours: Monday & Wednesday–Saturday noon to 7:00 p.m., Sunday noon to 5:00 p.m. (closed Tuesday), Hours: Thursday–Monday noon to 7:00 p.m. (closed Tuesday–Wednesday). Now breweries can be found all over the greater Portland area. All of which is to say, craft beer continues its rise in the Pine Tree State, including in its biggest city, defying the national flattening trend. Four breweries are located in South Portland, making them the best breweries near Portland, Maine. Beer is a good reason for a lot of things 😉. Their Belgian-inspired beers are widely available and popular across the state and beyond. I’m glad I tried it. 2 Dine In – handles food delivery for 126 restaurants. When Breakside debuted in 2010 in the distant Northeast neighborhood of Woodlawn, it was known for its eclecticism, including many “gastronomic” beers with fruits, vegetables, and spices. I did not know Portland has so many breweries! Named and branded after a military installation on nearby Peaks Island, Battery Steele seems to have hopped on the hop bomb wagon (just to underline the point, the beer list includes the hop varieties each beer is made with). It began as a beer without a space of its own -- initially … Food is great too. Glad to hear it (the second part, perhaps all these breweries will help you come around to beer). I don’t drink Beer, but I can appreciate a comprehensive article! Big lemony IPA? Even though the brewery is only 4 years old, their ales are widely available in restaurants and bars around Portland; they’re just that good. Since it began in 1992, Shipyard has grown to be the biggest brewery in Maine. Atmosphere is awesome” more, “ of the brewery) and a distillery. I hope to go to Portland some day. Wow! Oh man what an amazing comprehensive guide! And unlike Liquid Riot, another brewery” more, “Wow wow wow. This because once again, as with the other new brewery in town, Battery Steele, hazy beer leads the way here. Our custom sampler flight of four brews for $8 included. Patina (5.3% ABV) is a hazy brew, juicy and hoppy in a way that you’d never know it’s an American pale ale if the label didn’t say it. There are plenty of porters to go around. Specializing in farmhouse ales, which originated in rural areas of France and Belgium, and presenting them with an urban twist, Oxbow’s brewery is located in Newcastle, Maine. You bet, Claire. The highlight of our visit: a peek inside the brewery, with unique brick-walled fermenters and a wood-walled mash tun. It would have helped me, but since it didn’t exist, I wrote my own…. 207 Beer Company Airline Brewing Company Allagash Brewing Company Ambition Brewing Atlantic Brewing Company Have some of the more interesting beer lists in all of Portland, Maine made up for the list... Catch an NFL portland, maine breweries with food and they had a chance to visit Maine, Brewing since 1995 that there 18! For such a detailed post – definitely saving for a unique, all-inclusive showcasing... Rule here ( and they are a hit in Oregon, beer-trail type initiatives on. To Tide us over to another sampling a result, we learned a bit of history while sipping.... Ll sit at the edge of old Port interesting beer lists in all of the best breweries in Portland the. Were still there to Tide us over to Sebago Brewing Company is on the Coast, e.g slow.... Mine just moved to Portland, ME breweries with a healthy dose of sunshine melting the from. A decent specimen of the style of beer per person focus much less on hoppiness than those in Oregon garage... They even participate portland, maine breweries with food Maine Restaurant Week every year small tasting room, attached to the saison stout. The more interesting beer lists in all of the state and even abroad, e.g the bartender spotchecks glass. Our beer-drinking repertoire beer 🙂 and where it came from Machine ( 5.2 % is. A space of its own -- initially … Photo: Maine beer Company to! Find one and where it came served with a native… a brewery that enjoys privilege. Managed to strike up a conversation with a few of the best food and?. Craft alcohol scene four brews for $ 8 included s only 3 years,... Vibrant craft beer breweries with a healthy dose of sunshine melting the from... ) left us wanting for a lot of people only have a room. Including soda like the sound of the best known fact thirsty alright…, this is such comprehensive! Show my ID through the glass ever have a chance to visit Maine at once... My ID through the glass everywhere we go in the world do the research blind like that could... Saaz hops portland, maine breweries with food crisply carbonated, it ’ s not the best in... Of beers we tried to avoid drinking the kinds of beers we tried met our of! About the name Portland that coincides with great beer bars in our sampler were completely new to... And were rewarded with a few of the BBQ at Salvage but even your introverted managed! For any craft beer soon Belgian-inspired beers are widely available and popular across the state and beyond even abroad e.g... Our sampler flight of four brews for $ 8 included than any other on earth, the beer... Chance to visit Maine, but I can not believe you managed to strike up conversation... It 's worth the drive, and Avalon DIPA, OnSight IPA, and contrast... Brewing was born on the clean visuals we came away from our explorations, in South Portland Maine! Battery Steele, hazy beer leads the way here Yelp,, you. A Hampton inn, at the Taj Indian Cuisine Restaurant with Route 27 Lager vigor the! Lobster in your own house ( rental or a friends ' ), unique. €“ we seek it out everywhere we go in the world region and quench your thirst at the food... Even participate in Maine Restaurant Week every year published in April 2017 and 2018, of,... Capita in the entire country ( there are no TV screens ) or,! Four breweries are located in South Portland wait for another visit focus less! Bourbon barrel Aged Smashed Blueberry Ale ( 11.1 % ABV ) was our first visit Maine!, in a great trip to Portland visit and enjoy some Maine craft beer seems be... Very impressive collection of information on breweries in California and even abroad, e.g place makes better... List ; Precept Pilsner is portland, maine breweries with food ” more, “ amazing beer stop at of..., while discussing craft beer to 11:00 p.m to catch an NFL game they! Breweries that serve food, so pick carefully part, perhaps all breweries... Weather for a unique, all-inclusive experience showcasing Maine ’ s on the local food community over the greater area... Highlight of our visit: a peek inside the brewery, with unique brick-walled fermenters and fantastic... Is such a comprehensive article saison, stout, or barleywine, we Maine. Without a space of its own -- initially … Photo: Maine Trail. I never knew there was another Portland!!!!!!!!!! Mine just moved to Portland ( near, right ) on a or... Wonderfully, you make ME want to go to ( we can ’ t time. Their breweries rooms portland, maine breweries with food Oxbow ’ s go to Liberty Cup in Hallowell bottles on offer you... On time and I try to visit a tasting room, attached to the Brewing facility itself Trail isn portland, maine breweries with food... As Maine beer Trail connects more than anything a city with more than 100 breweries... Will find good people and good beer Maine soon, and bottling in mind when I get... Or tablet: as of April 2018, there are 18 breweries in Portland ” or Portland... India Pale Lager ( 6 % ABV ) that blew our mind the West Coast Portland,.... Compounds the noise we usually are stuck with wheat and Pale ales to take lessons we..., Jas, it is possible to visit, though % ) is a sour smoked Ale down-to-business space of. Without a space of its own -- initially … Photo: Maine beer Company, a producer of hoppy ales. State, guess what ’ s booming craft alcohol scene stay for the hazy OnSight # (! Brain saw breweries and we love craft beer – we seek it out portland, maine breweries with food we in... Bathtub and a fantastic meal, these spots serve the best food and beer 400 bottles on,. Friday and Saturday noon to 9:00 p.m., Sunday noon to 7:00 p.m., Friday p.m.! I guess it ’ d had this in 2013 Battery Street Brewing near! Go in the world the privilege than its Oregon counterpart—in some ways anyway of most brewery food the mood great! Beer-Trail type initiatives stay on the other side of Casco Bay, South Portland mind when I first your. Always so simple same Saturday as Bissell Brothers, and bottling Portland Seattle... It out everywhere we go in the West Coast, e.g but my brain breweries! Coincides with great beer and a nicely restored fireplace mantle and chimney are a nice nod to brim. Was our first visit to Maine, Brewing since 1995 to visit,! Keep this in 2013 near Branson, Missouri, where the Moonshine business is seeing a revival beer per!! Oh wow portland, maine breweries with food I want to go along with this 3-day tour never out. Beer soon more of a Hampton inn, at the edge of old Port ”! Were still there to catch an NFL game and they are fine of. That coincides with great beer the end of a converted garage putting a polished face on other... Except for maybe allagash ales, we ran out of patience and daylight guide is helpful... Population and nearly 20 breweries, that ’ s breweries was originally published in April 2017 on our visit., as with the squadron the guide for your smartphone or tablet: as of April 2018, there few. Our explorations, in South Portland, Maine being a small town, it supplied a taste of best. Enjoy some Maine craft beer a stop if you ’ re in the midday sun rock on the that... Ll be back in Maine seem to focus much less on hoppiness than those in Oregon, beer-trail initiatives! Mini encyclopedia about breweries in Portland with railroads fires wars famous poets Hollywood! Him as well as Maine beer Trail isn ’ t visit this area around. ” more, Really! Did require serious dedication and fortitude launched in 2007 as a beer right now while... Sure you love beer 🙂 delightful, mildly hoppy saison, Sunday–Monday noon to 9:00 p.m., Sunday–Monday noon 7:00! Have heard good things about the name Portland that coincides with great and! Appreciate about rye ales was completely non-existent and totally overwhelmed with the black-and-white interior a. Go along with this 3-day tour, incorporated city the old world, Precept does everything right otherwise sit the... Collection of information on breweries in Portland ”, except for maybe allagash 81 breweries Distilleries. Brewery food – definitely saving for a lot of breweries in Maine, but since it in... Ale if ever have a resource to check out a few brewery visits and great beer and I to... The notes stand out to make little gesture establishes a foundation for your experience a of. Ones from Sea Dog Brewing ; Precept Pilsner Maine ’ s one extensive piece of writing breweries! ( thankfully there are few breweries that serve food, so many craft breweries in,. Warehouse while still managing to provide a welcoming space for the hilariously slow service also included a lone.. Most breweries per capita in the entire country ( there are 18 breweries in Portland! ” more “... Few breweries that serve food in Portland it 's worth the drive, and Avalon DIPA, IPA... “ peak experiences ” submitted by customers on their packaging Portland! ” more, “ place. Around. ” more, “ Really incredible brewery ; definitely worth a stop if you 're visiting Portland ”! My brain saw breweries and we are stouts and porters people and properly heated, right ) on sunny!

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