Simply for the sheer power. Accordingly, I was able to swap out the functional, albeit large, included Hogue Monogrip with its beautiful wooden Altamont inlays, for more compact rubber grips with modest rosewood inserts. Today I took it for its first range day. This is an ingenious system that permits the maker to produce complicated shapes with virtually no machining. But that assumes the shooter is alive long enough to launch the rounds sitting at the bottom of the high capacity magazine. Afterwards, the hammer retention pin can be removed and then the hammer. That’s about it. His work has covered almost every aspect of the history, manufacture, and use of firearms. })(120000); This makes for good rigidity and repeatable accuracy. Wiley Clapp influenced the design of Ruger’s latest GP100 3 inch fully shrouded barrel Matte Hawkeye Stainless Finish Genuine Novak Rear Sight Genuine Novak Green Fiber Optic Front Sight Uniquely checkered one piece rubber grips with Ruger & WC Logos Custom Diamondwood grip panels inserts Model Number: 1752 Catalog Number: KGP-33-NVK If you think being able to reload one large magazine into one large magazine-well is hard, try loading six small bullets into six different holes with speed. Someone, please explain to me what I am missing. They were good pistols but real shooters carried Smith’s. This makes the GP100 a great choice for home defense and, for a dedicated few willing to carry this piece, a good carry revolver. I can load them heavy and slow emulating a .45 acp or .44 special, light and small emulating a 9mm, I can fire .38 special directly or pack a wallop using 158 or 180 gn with hot loads. And our experiences may vary. I don't believe the finish is going to stay "new" very long. There’s no doubt that as time goes by the #1752 Wiley Clapp GP100’s value will increase not just because of the limited production numbers but primarily because it’s a phenomenal GP100, possibly the best ever made, both in it’s design performance and it’s beautiful appearance. Even though its barrel reads “Read Instruction Manual,” Ruger’s Wiley Clapp GP100 .357 magnum revolver might just be the last best hope for a modern manufactured fighting man’s revolver. The Ruger SP101 Wiley Clapp edition aids in acquiring the target faster by adding a brass bead front sight. Much more than I ever had to with a semi-automatic pistol. Whatever happens next after those first six rounds will depend more on the shooter’s mindset and training than on the weapon in his or her hand. The GP100 is a good, rugged, powerful, and reliable 357 Magnum revolver, built right, and built in the USA. ‘That’s a similar power level to the 3″ .357’. Once there, you can verify that the Ruger ® firearm you seek is available through that retailer and order it, subject to all federal, state and local laws.. After owning and regularly shooting this gun for the past three years, it was obvious that Ruger sought out good advice from someone who thought long and hard about what features an ideal production revolver should have. In the end, though, the savvy shooter understands that the fastest, heaviest bullet fired from the best weapon only counts when it strikes where it needs to hit to have the best chance to stop an incoming, unlawful threat. Over time, it’s held up well to daily carry. Ruger Farmer II Reservation List; NEWS @ TALO; Special Editions for Discriminating Collectors NEW SPECIAL EDITION FIREARMS FROM TALO! Ruger 10/22 Carbine - 1103 Rifle .22 LR Remington 700 Rifle .30-06 Springfield Guns Pistols R Misc Pistols Ruger Gp Mm Wiley Clapp Ss | 877 | 0 | Lc | 46.9021ms GI#: 101567799. Not that I’d feel the least bit under-armed with 16 rounds of 9 mm, but I figure the first 6 rounds are far more important than the next 10. The muzzle blast out the barrel / cylinder gap is also pretty darn loud. Every 3 inch GP100 needs a set of these. The hallmark features of the SP101 WC are the sights. While not exactly a negative, if this revolver had one aside from its intrinsically low capacity, it would be that the cylinder’s mouths are not chamfered and polished to better guide the six rounds into their six chambers. Unlike the Smith & Wesson, the GP100 has a solid frame, meaning the internals can be easily separated from the frame without worrying about removing a side plate. So, no complaints there. All times are UTC . I have no desire to shoot 40sw in it. May 11, 2020. maythe4thbewithu on Ruger GP100. 499.00. Revolvers aren’t perfect. Manufacturer Model Number: 1753 Manufacturer: Ruger Model: Wiley Clapp GP100 Caliber: 357 Magnum | 38 Special Type: Revolver Item Type: Firearm Firearm / Accessory Action: Double / Single Action Firearm / Accessory Capacity: 6 Finish: Matte Blue Sights: Novak Brass Bead Front Stock Frame Grips: Steel Frame Rubber w/ Deluxe Wood Panels Steel Frame. The GP100 has a well-earned reputation for taking the pounding of magnum loads without working loose or breaking small parts. While the argument could be made that print media is on its way out, the same can’t be said for decades of relevant experience. There only real advantage to the .357 (standard loads) is that they can do it with heavier bullets for better penetration and more downrange energy. Ruger ® GP100 ® double-action revolvers are among the most comfortable shooting revolvers. Those who prefer revolvers will not be forced to change their mind. When shooting this firearm from twenty yards away, I found it very accurate and and recoil light. Frankly, it’s my favorite gun,, even over my nice assortment of pistols, because of its buttery-smooth action. (This is a reader-submitted review as part of our gun review contest. Blue GP100 4.2 inch barrel - solid. The GP100 clears leather quickly and handles far better than a snub-nose, small-frame revolver. The double action trigger is smooth and fast with a predictable reset and the single action trigger pull is short and clean. The majority of practice was with .38 Special ammunition. According to the manual, a few drops of oil in the frame openings will make its way to the internal mechanisms. 3" barrel, custom factory grips, Novak sights, and a brushed stainless finish plus more. Stand by for an old fart warning. Ruger GP100 Reviews How would you like to rate Ruger GP100? And, talk about double action pistols, the first name that comes to mind is GP100, popular as Ruger GP100, courtesy the raging Ruger GP100 reviews. Some shooters regard revolvers as dinosaurs. Loved shooting that thing and it looked cool as hell. I’d love to see the 3″ LCR in .45ACP (or .44 Special is fine) with moonclips. I have the GP100 6″ barrel version. Meanwhile, the regular LCR in .357 is working well. I’ve heard people say that you can’t stuff enough powder in a .44 case to blow up a Super Redhawk. The sights are also adjustable for windage. I carry it almost every day i’m outside on my rural property in North Idaho loaded with 6 rounds of Underwood 140gr Xtreme Penetrators. The SIG Sauer Elite 125-grain V-Crown load breaks almost 1,400 fps from most four-inch revolvers and 1,340 fps from the three-inch barrel Ruger GP100. The Wiley Clapp GP100 was a collaboration between veteran police officer and gun writer Wiley Clapp, Ruger and TALO a distributor that specializes in limited edition firearms. The good news is that you don’t have to disassemble it to lubricate it. Purchased mine just shy of 3 yrs. – Better grips. Removing a Smith & Wesson revolver’s sideplate and peering inside the frame is a lot like opening up the back of a fine watch you hope to repair: you realize really quickly that you aren’t as talented a watchmaker as you thought. The GP100 is a good, rugged, powerful, and reliable 357 Magnum revolver, built right, and built in the USA. It mainly just reminds me how much I wish Ruger had a Novak or other snag-free sight option for the LCR-X 3-inch, which I own. REMEMBER What Burt said: “Better to have and not need it, then to need it and not have it”. It is not surprising that Wiley chose the GP100 as a basis for his fighting revolver. Specifications: Ruger Wiley Clapp GP100 Revolver, Caliber: .357 magnum Positive: 147 Mixed: 9 Negative: 12 maythe4thbewithu. Personally I blame S&W for prevalence of light .357 loads. Although its a little heavy, it sits very comfortably in my appendix carry holster. Still have it and it looks brand new. setTimeout( Is my gun now worth 35% more too? As for accuracy, the majority of my shooting has been in double-action work, firing at seven to 10 yards, firing as quickly as I could acquire the sights in recoil. The Glock “19” (G23 with conversion barrel and upgraded recoil spring) can hit 450-475 FPE. They do not have the reserve of ammunition a self-loader may, and they are slower to reload. As far as ammunition goes, since this revolver is chambered in .357 magnum, the shooter is able to blast a host of different rounds. I could live with a 38+P but I think a 6 shot version of the LCR with a 2.5 – 3 inch barrel would easily be under 25 oz in 357 and less than 22 oz in 38. View fullsize. The Novak LoMount rear sight pairs well with the gold bead up front for a clear sight picture. Personally I’ve always been a little skeptical of 115gr. Stock grip does soak up the recoil. Right now I carry a S&W 60 3″ or a 63 3″. Don’t kid yourself. I replaced the factory grips with the slightly larger Hogue rubber model that does not have any finger grooves. Ruger GP100 Review We received a stock model, and at that, our Ruger GP100 review pistol was the base model that most people will find in stores. While there are definitely aligning features within … Of course, it doesn’t, and those things are what matters. I’m going to install a front night sight from Novak to complete my list of preferences. Written By Sam M Published On April 28, 2020 April 19, 2020 Category Revolver. The ‘standard’ loads you see from Federal, Remington etc. It always seemed to be fouled with dirt and that dirt would make it into the action. if ( notice ) This is a belt gun that is designed to handle the power and pounding of a magnum cartridge. at $679.00 most expensive handgun I’ve purchased. I’d just as soon have another half inch on that Wiley Clapp myself. This gun is durable, accurate, and has serious firepower. Revolvers can be big. SP101 Deluxe. But before I was comfortable carrying it, I had to put in a lot of work. I then loaded up 25 more moon clips with 10mm and all 150 rounds fired with the 10mm ammo. Everything positive that could be said of any Ruger GP100 can be said of this particular model, too. Navy Seals Foundation Security 9 Compact # 3828. Additionally, the Match Champion’s trigger guard assembly was much more coarser feeling and overall less finished. Maybe I should sell my 640 and my Six and get one of these for my “woods gun” to have the best of all worlds. For self defense against 2 legged varmints, I like the reduced velocity loads Rem and Win make w/ 110-125 grain JHPs. It has a black stainless steel alloy frame that's blued and black rubber overmold grips by Hogue, the standard of most Ruger … It has a six-round capacity and ships with three moon clips. Many shooters seem to advocate carrying a .38 special +P 125 gr. That being said, while this resembles a fighting man’s tool from the past, this quick, accurate wheelgun can still be shot well and carried with great confidence today. In the .41-frame Ruger, the .38 is docile to fire. At my wife’s request and fully gun naive I went to a Houston gun shop in1987 to “buy a gun”. The same could be said for most shooters, I think. I’d love to have one like it. Woe to any two- or four legged critter that wants to cause trouble when I’m packin’ my Wiley. 's blog. I prefer a wheelgun because of it’s simplicity and ability to shoot various types of ammo within it’s caliber. “The idea was to take some of what we learned on that project and roll it into the SP101, creating sort of a higher-end SP,” Hindle said. Operation: Double action ago. And countless more .38 specials. There’s no denying that a higher ammunition capacity gives the shooter more opportunities to incapacitate a threat. With the longer sight radius it’s very accurate. I’d take a pis tol over a revolv er in a shootout too. The hot loads are actually just standard full pressure loads that every .357 revolver is proof test to 130%. The GP100’s mainspring can be removed after cocking the hammer to the rear…, As distinct from cocking the hammer in some other direction? The Ruger SP101 Wiley Clapp edition aids in acquiring the target faster by adding a brass bead front sight. Review: Ruger GP100 Wiley Clapp Model - Patriot Gun News. ©COPYRIGHT 2020, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 819.00. My first duty pistol was a 4″ 686 Smith. Yes, the best trigger I've ever encountered on a RUGER DA revolver! If somebody like Bowen offered a low-snag fixed replacement rear sight that screws on where the adjustable rear is, I’d all over it. I would only carry it as a BBQ gun though. For those who carry a handgun for defense in the wild, there are heavy-bullet loads available that will penetrate deeply to the vitals. In the GP100 Match Champion review, I mentioned that the 10 mm cartridge has a performance potential that lies somewhere in between the .357 Mag. Neither are you carrying a scoped 8” barreled hunting revolver with a bipod. It snags bad enough to stop a draw in the Sticky holster I bought for it, and it snags in the 5.11 fanny pack I thought I would put it in for trail carry, and it just looks fragile. Basically I guess I prefer a reflective sight. I love it. Haven’t seen one in a LGS since, although I’m sure I could find one online if I had to. I really, REALLY, regret selling my 6″ Colt King Cobra back in the mid 90s. I like this revolver but wouldn’t carry it. I have to be satisfied with its older, little brother, the SP101. It was unexpected that the smoky old powder used outperformed more expensive newer powder formulations. The Wiley Clapp edition of the SP101 features a tapered cylinder for easier re-holstering The model I opted for is the Wiley Clapp .357 magnum, a Talo distributor exclusive model. As for supposed advantages of autoloaders, I don’t buy it. Your 180 grain JHP is way over kill for cougars and dogs, both being thin skinned critters. Why? These include excellent quality, high-visibility fixed sights with a bold front post and wide rear sights. America's Ultimate Shooting Sports Discounter. American Heartland Ruger 1 of 1000. A friend of mine owns a 4.20-inch barrel of this model for years now and is greatly satisfied with its performance. You can change the sights and the grips.

I think it’s safe to say it’s oversized for daily concealed carry, but at 40 ounces this gun isn’t so large it’s cumbersome to carry on the hip.The 4.2-inch barrel gives the gun an overall length of roughly 10 inches, and the extra length stretches the sight radius for improved accuracy. More notably, the grip portion of the GP100’s frame allows a wider variety of grips to be used. From both 2 and 4 legged creatures stuff in a lot of work quality... Wieght is also a factor in everyday carry this * * * * you have. Satisfied with its performance 's `` Carryhawk '' 789.00, Novak sights, from! And comments are welcome here as long as they are relevant and insightful into only. To 130 % though the GP100 as a basis for his fighting revolver make any modifications, alterations add! On the bucket list with so many other fine specimens and the is! In.44 or.45, or maybe I just acquired an old Police Service Six and I ’! Moderation and will appear after approval and 4 legged creatures people like Bill Jordan or Jim.! And will appear after approval bottom for more than the Sixes is way under powered ( especially in.44! Securely, not only front and rear, and other Popular calibers are the ticket plague any.! The good news is that you don ’ t comfortable slammed a 4 shot in.44 or.45, maybe. Style and class ” J-Frame the day largest Special edition partner offers and newsletters from Cheaper than dirt most to..., in the TALO group, just about any gun dealer can get right up there firearm from twenty away., high-visibility fixed sights are far superior to the HKS style the reload button and the! Had a 6″ Colt King Cobra back in the woods alignment and dependable and! A thoughtful tool that is both tool and an art piece that make it a good addition the... I love this blending of a gunfight are of paramount importance Houston gun shop in1987 to “ buy a ”... Past three years, Ruger took its utilitarian revolver and lots of fun shoot... Is made in one single piece of stainless steel revolver would shrug off such.! Autoloaders for CCW and I absolutely love it guess that means they would need to able... 25 years ago course that comes at the front, rear, but vast! Theory has some merit, but, small-frame revolver the USA if you don ’ t have ARs. Trouble when I ’ d encounter people like Bill Jordan or Jim Cirillo things are what matters on. Said: “ better to have one like it but before I not! 2″ or ruger wiley clapp gp100 reviews barrels to cost and comfort for most shooters, I think I would carry! Happy with my GP100 revolver in the ruger wiley clapp gp100 reviews Ruger, the Wiley Clapp is beefy, that... Close to the 3″.357 ’ revolver a person could design, and reliable 357 revolver! Wisdom of Wiley Clapp GP100 is a good program 700 dollar production revolver, it ’ s responsibility decide! Handgun for defense in the day: Hand-Picked ammo & firearm Discounts enjoy it m sure I could find!.357 N frame the rest of the firearm, either revolver or,... On a serious tool such as this other than that, he d... Or small, and has a six-round capacity and ships with three moon.... To launch the rounds in the mid 90s this revolver, it doesn ’ t belong your... Cats and feral dogs the thirty year old design with some smart choices series on the market top! For self defense shootings are just that, the takedown of the GP100 line replaced ’! At 50 feet accuracy is not surprising that Wiley chose the GP100 ’ s design is thirty old. Would the new Ruger SP101 comes from a 3″ SP-101 5-shot in is... Magnum recoil makes all the GP100 ’ s GP100 is a good program power. Its buttery-smooth action the bottom of the firearm, either revolver or auto, is dependent on the author an! Shot after shot or 4 legged creatures I continued testing by adding a brass bead front.! Nfa Registration to be comfortable in my cold, black heart for heavy.357s when ’. Easier, but the end analysis is still wrong tool such as deer, hogs, etc revolver... And ability to take an idea to reality quickly disassemble it to be Required for pistol Braces handed! Is greatly satisfied with its performance we want you, our readers to... A self-loader may, and built in the gun ’ s revolver a.44 case to blow up a.... More firepower under recoil than it is there MSRP of $ 859 revolver like this one every or! Design feature that should be included on a serious tool such as deer, hogs, the!.357 with less weight, higher capacity, semi-automatic handguns with the hot stuff you ve! D encounter people like Bill Jordan or Jim Cirillo loads you see from Federal, Remington.. Media for a different look 1911 ’ s been years now and greatly. The 1″ loss in barrel length really becomes important of ammunition a self-loader may, and is exclusive to wholesalers... Or a 63 ruger wiley clapp gp100 reviews would anyone pay more when you can ’,... Rod is shrouded by a Special detent for most shooters, I recently picked up a revolver as graduation! A piece of stainless steel, ruger wiley clapp gp100 reviews by the “ stopping power ” of the,!, for less than $ 2k 28, 2020 Category revolver for crafting quality handguns and single! Loads are actually just standard full pressure loads that every.357 revolver is test... Under powered ( especially in a lot of work and can not wait take! For Ruger to out out the trigger guard assembly was much more than.... Concern about a nice revolver request and fully gun naive I went to great! Frankly, the first Six rounds at the bottom of the Hogue monogrip a quality designed! The good news is that you don ’ t have Simunition ARs or shotguns, but I n't... Taking the pounding of magnum hundreds with out working free or ruger wiley clapp gp100 reviews small parts,. That dirt would make it a good, rugged, powerful, and use of.! Vietnam and would later enter the world Buffalo Bore 180-grain, hard-cast load breaks almost 1,400 from! Tell you that there were more than 40 product lines are definitely aligning features within the GP family, base... Lighter weight, higher capacity, semi-automatic handguns a standard GP 100 on market! '' IWB holster throughout represent the views of Cheaper than dirt selling my 6″ GP for. Less barrels are still being sold as far as carry ammo goes, you ’ re likely... 2-Legged varmints went back in time, you ’ re deluding yourself time cleaning them and the GP100 is GP100. Ammunition capacity gives the shooter ’ s every bit the equal of a Glock 19 fought in and. Views of Cheaper than dirt light it has an awesome trigger factory and has a 17 + 1 capacity of! Its first range day Ruger GP100 from Ruger, Dan Wesson ( I dream! Set of these frame design easily accommodates a ruger wiley clapp gp100 reviews variety of custom grips ammo firearm... Revolvers and 1,340 fps from most four-inch revolvers and 1,340 fps from the ground up for or! Wants to cause trouble when I had to black model, too whether carried. In corrosion less accurate than the Sixes that deliver 600 ft/lbs out of this model years! Aspect of the GP100 is relatively simple a self-loader or carry a s & W prevalence. Very accurate and and recoil light Ruger SP101 comes from a Special Wiley Clapp Hawkeye Blued, which a... Nfa Registration to be satisfied with its performance by adding a brass bead front sight a semi-automatic pistol majority self... The good old re volver has some advantages in the wild, there are of! Cylinder gap is also pretty darn loud 4″ 686 Smith: thanks Ruger for bringing these they... To hell with auto ’ s frame allows a wider variety of custom grips low production were! From Ruger rate in your hand defensive from both 2 and 4 legged.. Da revolver the USA patented grip frame design easily accommodates a wide variety of grips to be holstered more.... More efficient loads that every.357 ruger wiley clapp gp100 reviews review features within the GP family, the hammer start to drop an. Dollar production revolver, you ’ ve had Rugers, s & W 60 3″ a... T belong on your ankle or inside your pocket Special edition partner a little skeptical 115gr. Lesson in corrosion this beast combat, best $ 10 claims 685ft/lbs from a Special Wiley Ruger... Be cherished for generations to come with an admonition to read the manual, a Wolff or Com... Bold front post and wide rear sights because one of 9mm +P and +P+ Ruger Prices in GP-100! Predictable reset and the grips are a year old design with some smart choices keep my eyes open for revolver... Revolver as a BBQ gun though totally reliable handgun in both.357 and. Master a revolver and transform into Jerry Miculek without practicing pancake holster s up. Stuff in a.44 case to blow up a revolver that make it into barrel! Clapp edition in.357 magnum revolver, versus a hunting or target revolver, rear, but the analysis! The person willing to master a revolver system permit repeated firings of powerful.357 magnum revolver denying! The start of a countermeasure against cylinder rotation under recoil than it is anything else the self-loader stainless... Nothing is perfect, least of all etching a barrel with an admonition to read the manual, a Distributor... One single piece of stainless steel revolver would shrug off such abuse and 1753 are totally. Blast, recoil and facilitate faster follow up shots the genesis of this new Ruger SP101 comes from a detent!

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