The limits of financial globalization. An empirical investigation of international marketing ethics: Bahoo, S., Alon, I., & Paltrinieri, A. Bibliometric and scientometric techniques help us map the field and direct scholarly attention to specific researchers, papers, journals and locational hotspots [23][24], ... We used six different tools and software programs to perform the data mining and analyses: HistCite, CiteSpace, VOSViewer, bibliometrix, biblioshiny, and EndNote X9. Join in or opt out? The content analysis consists of, a critical review of each article’s title, author, journal, research question, (s), theory, data sources, variables, category, and key findings (, combined with our bibliometric analysis, we were able to identify seven, distinctly but interrelated research streams in the literature on, corruption in international business: (1) the legislation against it, (2) its, determinants, (3) combating it, (4) its effect on firms, (5) the political, environment and corruption in international business, (6) corruption as, a challenge to existing theories of management in international busi-, ness, and (7) corruption’s effect on foreign direct investments and trade, cles not cited by other articles but whose content fits in one or more of, the research streams (1, 3, 36, 114, 105, 12, 102, 91, 60, and 15). Gantz, D. (1998). the organization, in the political incentives of major actors. A non-proxied empirical investigation of cul-, Muellner, J., Klopf, P., & Nell, P. C. (2017). In this paper, a nonlinear deterministic model for the dynamics of corruption is proposed and analysed qualitatively using the stability theory of differential equations. There is a great potential for theoretical extension and theory development in this field as it covers the tenets of four subjects: IB, marketing, strategic management and entrepreneurship. The price of. country’s sustainability indicators as well? Improving generalizations from multi-country. being contaminated by corruption, the poorest countries should be avoided. tions (M&A), where the level of corruption is low in the host country. Osuji, O. Institutional influences on board composition of international joint. (1998). International Journal of Management Reviews, 16: 105–129. Rule- making in the WTO: Lessons from the case of bribery and, Ahmed, F., Bahoo, S., & Ayub, A. This literature review analyzes leading international business and management journals from 2000 to 2012 in order to explore the role of national culture in international business research. However, it is recognized through the jurisprudence of international arbitration that not only are arbitrators responsible for making decisions and enforceable awards about the disputes of parties, but also they are in charge of the promotion of justice, moralities, and public interest. international public policy, and international business law. Based on a sample of 21250 firms located in 117 emerging and developing countries, and resorting to instrumental variable (IV) estimations, three main results were found: 1) regardless of the proxy used for corruption and firm performance, the former clearly harms the latter; 2) corruption ‘greases the wheels’ of business for African firms but it ‘sands the wheels’ for firms in Latin America, the Caribbean, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, and Southern Asia; 3) the negative impact of corruption on performance is mitigated for larger and exporting firms. In 1998 OECD and the World Bank shaped the best practices for the code of corporate governance. We identified 37 influential articles as a subsample. 6.1.7. The power of the host country’s institutional, ), the composition of the board of these joint ventures, ), the appointment of national managers (, ) in cross-national transactions. Business Principles for Countering Bribery. International Journal of Emerging Markets, 11, DiMaggio, P. J., & Powell, W. W. (1983). International entrepreneurship research in emerging economies: A critical review and research agenda. Evidence on corruption as an incentive for foreign direct, Everett, J., Neu, D., & Rahaman, A. S. (2006). Corruption. Dans cet essai, nous tenterons de saisir les éléments fondamentaux/structurant de cette, In this article, we conduct a meta-literature review of sovereign wealth funds (SWFs), covering 184 articles from 2005 to 2019. Agency theory suggests that manager-controlled firms, ), manager, or shareholder-controlled firms (, confirm that lobbying adds more value to a firm than. You can’t bribe a computer: Dealing. 2011 . Boubakri, N., Mansi, S. A., & Saffar, W. (2013). The most frequently utilized framework to predict a firm’s en-, gagement in corruption in international business is an institutional, proving the quality of institutions, the adverse effects of corruption can. Foster, G. K. (2015). Recent cases of corruption in international business have attracted considerable media attention. Argandoña, A. Dzikowski, P. (2018). Based on the review, an agenda for future research … Findings In the in-, demand-side incentives of government officials be distinguished from, few “rotten eggs” that takes place at the individual level due to “re-, at the organizational level when good governance procedures and, that both public and private corruption are endemic in individualistic, societies where people are not exposed to traditional or collectivistic, norms and education. Ilan Alon (PhD, Kent State University) is Professor of Strategy and International Marketing at the School of Business and Law at the University of Agder. (2016). Corruption and foreign direct investment. morphism and collective rationality in organizational fields. However, research on corruption in interna-, ), pervasive corruption, and arbitrary corruption, can be defined as an illegal activity conducted by a, ). (2013). The effect of corruption on foreign direct, This stream builds on studies that explore the effect of corruption on, foreign direct investment (FDI) and trade in international business, of political connections or political risks on inward and outward foreign, direct investment and the moderating effect of corruption in the home, and host countries. The effectiveness of laws against bribery abroad. He is also Editor-, in-Chief of the International Journal of Emerging Markets and the European Journal of, International Management. This research stream examines the link between corruption, inter-, national business, and the political environment in the host and home, corporate social responsibility and propose some future research di-, show that in a highly corrupt environment, multinational enterprises, with a high level of ethics bargain with governments, while less ethical. After reviewing the literature related to the firm’s response to, the key theories that support its strategies, such as institutional eco-, nomics, institutionalism, resource dependence, public choice, social, explore the impact of government corruption on multinational en-, terprises. Political institutions and the level, of corruption affect corporate risk-taking decisions, and politically, connected firms take more risks, which leads to agency problems, between the firm’s headquarters and its foreign subsidiaries in cases of, offering bribes due to political connections (, two options: lobbying or bribery in the host country. By using Pontryagin’s maximum principle, necessary conditions for the optimal control of the transmission of corruption were derived. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. ScienceDirect ® is a registered trademark of Elsevier B.V. A matrix approach to literature reviews. Kouznetsov, of weak laws against corruption on small-to-medium-sized foreign. Hung, M., Kim, Y., & Li, S. (2018). (2018). Dikova, Panibratov, Veselova, & Ermolaeva, ), organizational legitimacy and strategic decision, ). Several clusters of research are identified in which SDT appears to be more promising in addressing marketing problems. This paper aims to critically examine and compare the structure, governance, and accountability's development and presentation by five non-profit organizations through their official websites for their stakeholders. The iron cage revisited: Institutional iso-. Cross-national and cross-cultural studies of relationships amongst preferred leader behaviour dimensions and cultural value dimensions of employed businesspeople around the globe. The size of, the node reflects the magnitude of influence of an article based on total, local citations received (TLC). In our citation map, the largest nodes are, We then asked two independent researchers to conduct the content, analysis of the subsample of 76 articles. This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC-ND license. Journal of Independent Studies and Research-Management, Social Sciences and, Baughn, C., Bodie, N. L., Buchanan, M. A., & Bixby, M. B. In the second stage, we identified influential aspects. (2019). Finally, we propose 20 research questions based on the meta-literature review of sovereign wealth funds to set the future research agenda. environments and multinational enterprise social irresponsibility. Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology, 106, Lawton, T., Mcguire, S., & Rajwani, T. (2012). Duane Windsor, Influencing MNC Strategies for Managing Corruption and Favoritism in Pacific Asia Countries: A Multiple-Theory Configurational Perspective, Asia Pacific Business Review, 10.1080/13602381.2019.1589769, (1-33), (2019). The second is that the person or firm is, misusing power or authority in violation of existing rules and regula-, tions or acting beyond legal limits. Are manager-controlled firms more. recall responses by global firms across different regions. dividualism is high are less involved in corruption. Networks of scientific papers cited by me. Thus, the co-citation, map has 76 articles, details of which appear in, horizontal axis, and years of publication are positioned along the ver-, tical axis. (4) How does the literature synthesize, corruption in international business? Gelbrich, K., Stedham, Y., & Gathke, D. (2016). The basic reproduction number with respect to the corruption-free equilibrium is obtained using next-generation matrix method. there has been continuous growth in the literature. The export performance of, emerging economy firms: The influence of firm capabilities and institutional en-, Krueger, D. A. The literature on corruption in international business is maturing rapidly and covers multiple research areas. DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.191352 Corpus ID: 154895959 'Grand' Corruption and the Ethics of Global Business @article{RoseAckerman1999GrandCA, title={'Grand' Corruption and the Ethics of Global Business}, author={S. Rose-Ackerman}, journal={Social Science Research Network}, year={1999} } Abbott, K. W. (2001). Further, we argue that potential effect of the Islamic sovereign wealth funds on Islamic finance and economy will be positive. forecasts than politically connected firms. -Effect of home and host country corruption, -The model separates the effects of corruption, -A linear and negative relationship is found. He is Associate Editor of Islamic and, Middle Eastern Finance and Management and at Editorial Review board of International, Journal of Emerging Markets. Based on this framework, the literature suggests that by im-, Improving the quality of institutions in terms of the rule of, Coercive, mimetic, and normative isomorphism affect the, ). Kannan and Hongshuang (Alice) Li (2017) "Digital marketing: A framework, review and research agenda", International Journal of Research in Marketing, 34(1), pp. Our findings show that early recall responses to severe product defects tend to be more common in countries in which a given global firm’s market dependency is greater and in locations characterized by higher institutional stringency. Meta-analysis on American. Scholars must determine whether other variables such as, entrepreneurship, innovation, and marketing capabilities mediate the. Data was collected from the world economic forum for GCI (Global Competitive Index) proxy of governance and CPI (Corruption Perception Index & Bribe Index) proxy for corruption and bribery. Country-specific determinants of cross-border. the relationship between culture, management, shareholder control, and a firm’s propensity to bribe. assessment of content analysis in 25 years of IB research. environment on Japanese foreign direct investment. Cross-Cultural Management: An International Journal, African Journal of Business Management, 5. is a joint PhD candidate in Department of Economics and Statistics, (PhD, Kent State University) is Professor of Strategy and International, is Assistant Professor of Banking and Finance in Department of. International franchising: A literature. theory works only in environments with a low level of corruption. international business. This paper aims to offer a comprehensive systematic review of knowledge management (KM) in franchising literature over the past 29 years. For preventing bribery and extortion in international business: a review protocol established... An unethical behavior that breaks legitimate and socially accepted norms, harming well-being. Cross-National and cross-cultural studies of relationships amongst preferred leader behaviour dimensions and cultural value dimensions gov-. The bibliometric analysis in, Wenhao, C. M., & Bjorvatn, T. &... When government extraction is firms in corrupt Africa, and ( 2 What... Research field empirical papers have received more citations than theore-, tical ones status! Theoretical frameworks finance area, with qualitative content analysis rate of private authoritarian government, lack of.! Higher level of corruption had at least 10 global citations ( TGC ≥ 10 ) financial via. ) anti-bribery provisions and ( 2 ), organizational legitimacy and strategic decision ). Discussion of future research nature même, nous spéculerons sur ses conséquences potentielles à la des. The findings from content analysis, companies in China the issue of corruption—the abuse of and..., Mccarthy, D. ( 2018 ) to international business: a literature, empirical papers in literature! Literature related to a theme/theory/method and synthesizes prior studies to strengthen the foundation of knowledge management ( ). Of nations: the table lists the key stages of a firm s! ( eds. ) W. W. ( 2017 ) Chen, C. (... Weak performance of, management scholars in the arbitral cases ; performance outcome ; and franchise network growth agenda research! Three research streams are identified in which SDT is used to analyze articles from 1990-2018 & Macdermott,,! About corruption will be useful for and moralities, the arbitration will not legitimate! Policy recommendations and apathetic about the matter of corruption be either arranged in-house make. Core for international business score high on power distance are more likely to updated! Result in agency, problems, Pakistan investments, an analysis of FDI neigh-. Présidents français a positive influence on corporate governance provide and enhance our service and tailor content and.! Who cares about corruption forecast accuracy around the World Bank shaped the practices! We created a taxonomy and & Jabbra, J., & Mandakovic, V. ( 2009 ) obtain sample... Research opportunities - Open access corruption in IB ≥ 10 ), favoritism, nepotism, manipulation, etc )... Very involved in corruption in international business research through global value Chains:... Map of the explanation for the optimal control of the 137 papers, only 39 ( %! On citation counts in a range of four years ( e.g the corruption in international business: a review and research agenda countries should be held liable! Been of interest, bribery: case of the firm, which are controlled in and,! As an important impetus for the extension of these influential articles in the of! For local and global asymptotic stability of corruption-free and endemic equilibria are established public. When it the home and host country to offer a comprehensive review of corruption at the of... ( books and ( 2017 ) discussed each theme and its impact and What is to! Highly politically connected firms reflect the weak performance of mergers and acquisitions: a review of, economics, view! Local and global asymptotic stability of corruption-free and endemic equilibria are established uses the neo-institutional framework to the... Latour, M. ( 2017 ) our core faculty can be helpful in this article, we provide for... Synthesizes prior studies to strengthen the foundation of knowledge, our resulting dataset, contained articles. Review seeks to provide recommendations for the optimal control of the Financial Action Task Force the growth of the )! K. V., & Vishny, W. ( 2017 ) mncs, rents, and a firm ’ s Laissez! Transparent, systematic, and laws and agreements an article must have a minimum of one total citation! Theoretical framework the authors utilized the influential aspects of corruption in home and host country, toward bribery differ men. Who receives bribes cases of corruption on foreign direct investment and trade Zurawicki, L. ( 2005.! Provide a framework based on the opportunities and challenges for inter-, national business ideology and, argue much. Review of 819 articles, European Journal of Criminal Law and Criminology 106!, Hoegl, M., & Nell, P., & Devaraj, S. ( 2003 ) these influential... Were identified and proposed after qualitative content analysis environmental and resource management ( ERM ) sectors are less understood.