Japanese Knotweed was introduced into the UK in the mid-nineteenth century as an ornamental plant in parks and gardens and to line railway tracks in order to stabilise the soil. What is Japanese Knotweed and why is it such a problem? Vigorous, spreading, tall plant with stout erect stems to 2 metres. The plant shoots up incredibly quickly, growing four inches a day in summer. Validated locations can be uploaded in to the Hazard Directory. Telephone: 03335 777 888 contact@japaneseknotweedagency.co.uk. This foundation killer is stalking its way across Britain terrorising its victims as it makes it way from cities to the countryside, from populated areas to isolated woodlands leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. Japanese knotweed … Exact dates Universal Credit and other benefits will be paid over Christmas and New Year, The DWP has confirmed their altered payment arrangements for the next two weeks, Cambridgeshire Tier 2: The Cambs neighbourhoods where you’re most likely to catch Covid, We've looked at the worst-affected neighbourhoods in each district of Cambridgeshire, 2 men die in Cambridgeshire after suspected murder suicide, Officers attended the scene along with paramedics and the air ambulance, Dramatic photos show armed police surrounding Peterborough home, A 22-year-old man from Peterborough has been arrested on suspicion of kidnapping, 'We will get through tier 4 together' says Peterborough MP Paul Bristow, "This Christmas is not the one I wanted or planned. The map is intended to inform local home owners and potential home buyers of the local presence of Japanese knotweed, enabling them to enter a postcode to discover the number of reported knotweed sightings nearby, with hotspots clearly visible in yellow or red. David Layland, the joint managing director of Japanese Knotweed Control, based in Stockport, says it is the only thing that works. Identify any suspicious plants. More than 50 sightings of Japanese knotweed in Leicestershire have already been added to a new online tool tracking infestations. Japanese knotweed is a rapid growing weed which spreads and overwhelms other garden plants and can cause structural damage to buildings. In winter the plant dies back to ground level but by early summer the bamboo-like stems emerge from rhizomes deep underground to shoot to over 2.1m (7ft), suppressing all other plant growth. Citation: National Biodiversity Data Centre, Ireland, Japanese Knotweed (Fallopia japonica), image, accessed 24 November 2020,