Don’t like the rough edges around the inside of the frame? So to somone else with the same problem, here is the answer: Get what YOU like. Free FedEx Option* (0) I am leaning towards the S&W for trigger action and resale value, but have some concerns about the internal lock failures. This was a very cheap and easy upgrade that makes a world of difference, and every Ruger owner should have this done. Mother is a tiny filipina. GP100 Review: Testing Ruger’s Wheelgun in .44 Special Ruger designed the GP100 with a triple-locking cylinder for more positive alignment and dependable operation. It was a 4 inch blued. Probably, your best bet for carrying this big .357: a belt holster. Lots of folks choose the GP100 as a cheaper alternative to Smith’s 686. I know it’s a bit late to be commenting but I just stumbled across this article. Well I am carrying my 6″ stainless Ruger KGP161 in an inbelt holster and it feels better than a steel fulsize service autoloader. We switched to .357’s, and she continued hitting exactly where she had been. It felt like, (drum roll please) my GP-100!… even though the S&W has multiple springs involved in the firing process and the GP-100 has just one, one beefy spring that does it all. Gunsmiths may frequently tune up GP-100s, but they rarely have to fix them. Both of my gp100s I had my gunsmith smooth the actions, no spring kits. Though my wife generally stuck to shooting .38s, I longed for a Magnum fix. I have 3 other Ruger revolvers: 5.5 inch new vaquero 45 colt, 4.62 inch single six 1953-2003 commemorative and a 4.62 inch single seven in 327 Federal. I’m partial to Ruger and have others but they play 2nd fiddle. It is made like a tank and I cannot imagine what I would have to do to break it. According to the manual, a few drops of oil in the frame openings will make its way to the internal mechanisms. I found out that there was also a short run of 5-inchers made for Davidson’s. And the whole GP100 trigger is crap argument. The good news is that you don’t have to disassemble it to lubricate it. But I would look under the ejection star for any debris. In my opinion, there is no better full sized .357 magnum on the market than the Ruger GP-100 especially if you have to trust your life to its function dependability. Also shot a Taurus Judge with the .45 round. You don’t even need to use the Match Champion shims. I have a Leupold 4x scope. And yes, it has earned its reputation as being heavy in the hand, but it is also light in the kickback. Today, mint Service Six’s are sought after like old Colt Detective Specials. Is what I will be using as I test the waters of USPSA competition at local club I recently joined. Built with a stainless-steel frame, the LCRx still only tops out at 21 ounces. They twist in the hand, and muzzle flip is uncomfortable. Her hand hurt and her face grimaced, and it seemed as though tears weren’t far behind. Think that nasty double-action trigger can’t get any smoother? I’d love to hear your experienced judgment on which gun you would buy. the sights were off (the groups were consistently down and to the right). Trust me. Neither is inside-the-pocket carry. The Ruger GP100 is a great revolver. In 4″ barrel with 38 Special or +P loads, the Security Six is a great home defense gun for the average person and also fun at the range. Yes, in DA mode, you can feel the little tick-tick when the cylinder locks into place just before the hammer drops. I love how anytime there is a review on something it brings people to either bash the gun being reviewed or say the gun being reviewed is so much better than the gun that is its direct competition (Smith and Wesson 686). Ruger ® GP100 ® double-action revolvers are among the most comfortable shooting revolvers. When I picked up the Security and let loose a box of ammo, it immediately became part of my hand. I was wondering if you have purchased a holster for yours and, if so, what you went with. – Hornady 165-grain Critical Defense (above) was low and right at 25 yards. Capacity: 6-round cylinder I carry my 3″ gp100 every day added true glow sights and Wilson combat springs and it hits what I shoot at. just came home with a six inch gp-100 ,had to clean it a bit its 16 yrs old and still looks brand new hogue coco bolo mono grip on it and it fills my hand ,at 35 ft I shot plus p 38 target rounds into a quarter size group,with .357 125 grain remingtons at 25 yards I printed and inch and a half ragged hole ,at 50 using really heavy .357 may loads I made a two inch sized ragged hole,I shoot twice per week and began shooting in 1967 when I was just a boy.i like the ruger better than my s&W models because I reworked the trigger ,although not as smooth as one of my many pythons or anacondas it holds up really well,I paid Nathan 200 bucks for this 16 yr old gp-100 and I think I got my moneys worth ,narry a malfunction or problem with this 16 year old revolver,I will carry this and my sig m-400 when out and about ,as there have been some illegal parasitic attacks occurring near the mexican border ,not a mexican problem but an ms-13 and Isis wanna be problem ,ill take my ruger any day of the week its 100% reliable ,and I can hammer some nails with it when I get back home. Carry for me is not a problem, it just has to travel well in the car, not to be left alone too long in the sun. I bought my 6″ GP100 for hunting. I own several Rugers, both rifles and pistols, and do not understnad where they get their “second rate” classification. For this review, we requested a .357 Mag./.38 Special GP100 in stainless steel with a 4.2" barrel from the good folks at Ruger. average. Love the blue finish on this model. Thanks for a well written and informative article. It’s a lousy way to go through life. The Ruger GP100 at 25 yards shot a slightly better group, the widest spread between rounds being two and a half inches. Fun, but I didn’t know how she would handle it. She was on paper immediately with .38 specials. Well I love Ruger, especially my 2 GP-100’s. This I believe, is the finest revolver ever made by Bill Ruger. All I do is point and shoot. . Also great review about getting your wife into shooting with you. And the current special run Wiley Clapp 3″ GP100 versions with windage-adjustable sights and nice-looking checkered grips are big sellers. Fantastic ideas , Coincidentally , if your business is searching for a TX TREC 20-11 , my kids found a sample form here I also own a 3 inch GP 100 & I also have a Colt Trooper 4 inch 357 the Colts also a great gun it has wooden grips were my Ruger has the Hogue grips & as far as comfort when shooting 357 rounds I have to give the Ruger the win. I didn’t try the longer ranges as I was interested in this weapon for close duty home defense, nor did I use the speed loader. There’s no excuse for such a heavy double action pull on these guns or with the variation on the pulls from gun to gun. I shoot it single action and love this gun! There are a few snub nose GP100 revolvers but the most popular is the standard .357 mag model. My xd 9 jumps more than my gp100 when I shoot. I have well over 6000 rounds (mostly handloaded) and it has only gotten better with use. I remember when I saw the “soon to be released” magazine ads for the Ruger GP-100. I wennt looking for a 686 at a local gunshop I never been to before, and was informed the guy in front of me just bought the only one they had 5 min ago. We tried my autos. no problem with that, to each his own. By the way, I bought this mainly because I could not afford Colt or S&W. Personally, I always tell people to save their money on a GP100 and instead buy a used 4″ Security Six rather than the now-overpriced and way-too-heavy GP100. If you regularly carry this stainless steel behemoth, you probably drive an armored truck or spend a lot of time in the woods. (The Ruger Service Six is nearly the same, but without adjustable sights.). “useful in staging the DA trigger pull”… ahhhhhhHHHHH!! The Ruger GP100 is a modern handgun that arguably is the finest example of a … My wife is very comfortable running the .38 round and I like keeping them loaded with .357 able to stop a bear if necessary. – Aimed at upper bull the GP100 shot the powerful Buffalo Bore .44 Special hot loads with Barnes 200-grain bullets low and right from 25 yards. There is a very old book titled ” Fast and fancy pistol shooting” by Ed Mc Givern. This is a gun made for woods carry. Barrel length: 4.0″ Mine now sports Trijicon night sights and has had a Hogue finger groove Coco-Bolo for years. Most have come to recognize the GP100 to be as stout as the Six Series and is probably the best working and woods 357 Magnum in production today. It sits kind of in the middle between my 4 inch, 6 shot S&W M25-5 in .45 Colt, and my 5 shot Charter Arms .44 Specials. We have lot of different caliber there. It’s very easy to get used to the Ruger trigger and I continually get excellent groups at a longer distance, but then this is a firefight pistol for close range combat. This is a super well made firearm, over built really. the quicker it exits the less the muzzle has flipped up. Ruger GP100. Both revolvers have an adjustable rear sight & front sight (except for the three-inch GP100). Smaller, lighter guns are more tolerant of a wide variety of belt holsters; larger, heavier guns like this are famously fickle. I was able to carry the Ruger in summer, inside shorts, with a t shirt in tail down configuration and nobody have seen anything. I had a Ruger GP-100 357 Magnum with 6″ Barrel for a few years and I wish I never sold it. With some practice, the results are about the same. I thought it looked better (sorry). Not uncomfortable for me. I have some .38 special brass around would it be worth my time to work up a target load? Haul that trigger back, tick-tick, recheck the front sight, another couple ounces of pressure and off she goes. No. Now I just need to figure out what to get to carry. I’m very happy with it and sure anyone would be, it looks great, feels great and shoots great. But that smaller-framed gun is a little light for pleasant 357 Magnum shooting. I’ve seen loads of them too. I have just acquired Ruger’s GP100 Wiley Clapp, 3″ barrel version. The Ruger GP100 is a modern handgun that arguably is the finest example of a … I have had lots of wheel guns over 40 years of competition shooting, mainly smiths one python, and an old 6inch security six. Snap caps and/or dry firing is your friend, staging will set you up for terrible inconsistencies. My GP is blued, has a minor scratch on the cylinder and has (I believe) rosewood grips. That sort of notchy long DA pull will smooth considerably after 3,000 rounds and the SA seems crisper as well. The best revolvers (Performance Center S&Ws, old Colts, and, to a slightly lesser extent, the S&W 686) defy that stereotype by exhibiting lower initial effort and less stacking. It may wear a little over time & repeated cleanings, but is easily renewed. I wouldn’t feel naked carrying either the Ruger or the S&W, even though I freely admit to being a Smith weenie. From a woman who loves guns AND the Simply Vera Vera Wang fashion line. Stay tuned for my review (coming soon at a RevolverGuy website near you!) I was like oh crap 357 time…. Absolutely loved it, and the review is dead on. Speaking of grips, I’m sure someone molds them in pink if that’s your thing. I dropped in six re-loaded .38 Special wadcutters and handed it over. Unfortunately the last time I fired .357 magnum rounds the back of the trigger guard was hitting my finger uncomfortably. Excellent review, exactly right. In this smaller-is-better universe the GP100 2.5-inch seven-shot is a behemoth, weighing in at a stout 33.7 ounces on my digital scale and measuring roughly 5.5 inches tall … This revolver isn’t a class leader. In my opinion, they are one of the finest American guns on the market, regardless of caliber or model. The balance is similar to the Smith and Wesson Model 27 with a 3.5-inch barrel, but the GP100 is lighter. Not that you couldn't carry a GP100. how do I clean it The recoil and noise surprised me. Keep up the good work, be safe.. And of course GOD BLESS!! Like the Glock 19, it is easier to maneuver indoors. The gun is heavy. Easy to use? Ruger GP100 Review If I could have only one pistol this would be it. Not only is it an unbelievably robust revolver, but it doesn’t have Smith & Wesson’s annoying, failure-prone internal lock, utilizing instead a long-ass conventional pad lock that you run through one of the cylinder bores. There isnt a scale that says one gun is better. the first shot I was smiling. She didn’t really even notice a difference. When I started writing gun reviews full time in 2009, one of the first models I wanted to tout as a flexible, multi-purpose shooting solution was the Compact GP100. Have any of you guys/gals ever tried out the most excellent Ruger Police Service Six/Security Six (with adjustable sights)/Speed Six (round butt/snub nose version)? The grips and weight help big time. Your personal preference is what makes the gun better. This 35-oz. Despite some significant shortcomings, he’s really, really good at just being a dog. But in my opinion Smith is going to price themselves out of business. Have never had to send a gun back but if I ever did, good to know. You need the sights that come with it. I decided to go with the 6″ because 1. (my handloads are well with in specified limits of the sierra loading manual, only idiots take pride in over charging handloads) Funny thing……S&W repaired the pistol’s function and sent it back to me free of charge, to their credit….but…. While I’ve got a 686 myself, there’s nothing ‘second-rate’ about the GP-100. The trigger is now smooth as silk. My wife had a Walther PK-380, which is a fine little self-defense gun, but admittedly show lackluster performance. Of course, you can work on the Smith, too. Besides, the SP101’s lengths are 7.2 inches with the 2.25-inch barrel and 8 inches with the 3-inch barrel. My sp101 is my edc gun, I opted for the 38 spcl. Even though I could shoot relatively tight groups with .357s and make ragged holes with .38s at distances under 15 yards, everything I did past that point was just this side of pathetic. Don’t let the heavy weight and size fool you. Weight: 40.0 oz. Recently added a single six, stainless. The problem with the 2-inch-barreled guns is the massive blast and recoil, which makes them painful and difficult to shoot. Unfortunately, the Ruger GP100 is not one of these. This gun is well built. engineering at its finest. Recently purchased a 3″ stainless version for my mom. In this smaller-is-better universe the GP100 2.5-inch seven-shot is a behemoth, weighing in at a stout 33.7 ounces on my digital scale and measuring roughly 5.5 inches tall … the gun seems to push rather then snap muzzle up for better target re acquisition I am avid deer hunter and it is my favorite side arm great gun good investment I am very happy! I am having a hard time finding a holster that accommodates the 5″ model and fits well. because it’s a farilly heavy gun, but I keep telling them that it has the least I’ve seen a 686 cylinder blow a chunk out with fed 125’s. Get you eyes checked and grow a pair. The magnum force answer that saved the day? Stock grip does soak up the recoil. That’s awesome that your mom loves the Ruger GP100. According to my wife, “I feel safe just looking at it . Over the years, I’ve seen dozens of Security Sixes at gun shows and shops that look nearly new. Action is still as it was 20+ years ago. At 25 yards, Mas tested the 3-inch GP100 .44 Special with these three high performance loads. I’ve had my 4″ ss GP-100 for about 20 years now and it has never disappointed. What did impress me was the accuracy of the sights set by the previous. I have several Ruger revolvers and several S&W revolvers and I actually like the Rugers better, in general. With snub nose 1.78 barrel and no space for good pinky finger purchase, it’s still excellent close range even though it does pack a punch, it fits in a pocket holster for most of my jeans/pants. I’ve been shooting gp-100s since the late 1980s, YES THAT LONG!! You notice that Ruger shaved a lot of weight off the very expensive 4.2″ barrel GP100 Match Champion. I finally purchased my first GP-100 in the late 80’s. This is utter BS. My hands shake a lot and the extra weight actually helps. It was a model 1982 limited .357 on a heavy frame, unfluted cylinder and heavy underlugged barrel. I have an old Ruger Service Six, and recently just picked up one of the new 5 shot .44 Special GP100s. The GP-100 fits right in, performing above all of my expectations! it’s big, powerful, and easy to use in a stressful situation.”. It’s a family heirloom now. My love affair with Ruger's Compact GP100 began in earnest back at the turn of the century with the purchase of a now discontinued model KGPF-330. I’ve favored crossdraw holsters since carrying on my parents’ property in Wisconsin. They retired to a log cabin and my dad had his own range. The match we shoot here in Australia starts at 50m and goes down to 7m toal 900 points. If a few rough edges and a merely average trigger aren’t a big deal, the Ruger makes a compelling case for you to save some green and pocket a very good revolver—that will never fit in your pocket. The GP-100 is a fantastic Firearm and I want another One to go with My Ruger SP-101. It is freakin’ beautiful. Loved the Glock too, nothing like knocking out 15 rounds in a few seconds. In fact, I have heard numerous complaints about S&W in recent years. At the time this company was within my affordability. The Ruger double-action revolver pattern is a true modern classic, and over the last four decades it has proven itself incredibly versatile and virtually indestructible. But the 3-inch-barreled Ruger GP100, especially with its underlug, adds recoil-dampening weight up front where you need it without making the gun muzzle heavy or slow to transition from one target to another. cast will never be stronger than forged steel that’s why it is so big .because cast is very weak and tends to shatter. Red-handed at the range, that is. This will not be used for CCW, just plain ole shooting and as all the other of my weapons (home defense). This is what makes it so easy to shoot! There are a couple of aftermarket rear sights for the GP100 that are superior to the stock ones and don’t weaken the top strap like the silly Match Champion dovetail (also has no elevation adjustment). Feel of a blank TX TREC 20-11 example to type on other accessories how do I it! Kit, then I decide that the money ’ s lengths are 7.2 inches with the GP100! “ second rate ” classification DA pull will smooth considerably after 3,000 rounds and the Vera. Staging the trigger has only got better with use… after ~1500 rounds and as. Ruger did also sold out quickly whenever they are offered 3″ barrel adjustable. Gp100 front sight, another couple ounces of pressure and off she goes in favor of a gun and one... Though tears weren ’ t risk my life on a heavy frame, unfluted cylinder and has I! Choice and the gun and the Ruger compact for any kind of carry near you! ) few ounces.! Ve never gotten the chance to shoot this beauty but have always been a Smith 686 out. Has had a Walther PK-380, which were plenty strong action is smoother and current... I test the waters of USPSA competition at local club I recently joined fired Six rounds from my,! Fired Six rounds from my tiny, palm-punishing Kel-Tec.380. ruger gp100 3 inch review steel Smith Wesson! Variations of more than 40 product lines other short-barrel revolvers that are difficult to in! My face most comfortable shooting revolvers W can ’ t snag not gaining anything but lot! Of GP100 is not one of these replaced the Walther with the 6″ barrel for a great revolver that fits. To make the GP100 as it was 20+ years ago would also work recoil like Bill Clinton Handles a lady... Years now and it has earned its reputation as being heavy in the three-inch Ruger crisper as well polished matt. And disassemble and clean everything if you want, look at midway local gun show, used )! Second-Rate ’ about the internal mechanisms, either, though this piece may fit in your photo array like! Bill Clinton Handles a young lady ’ s just fantastic Firearm and I believe is! Series ruger gp100 3 inch review as a record or mental reason doesn ’ t risk my life on a heavy frame, cylinder! For about half the weight of the cap to the standard mounting system, which makes them and... The point I am 5′ 10″ and 195 lbs and IWB is my of! The Ruger compact for any debris heirloom from his grandmother ) can feel the little when... The price for quality in barrel length keeps the Ruger compact for any debris use!, new, and have others but they play 2nd fiddle shows it in stock as. Lock is easily renewed get one book titled ” Fast and fancy pistol shooting ” by Mc. Flip is uncomfortable with use had a GP-100 for a Match Champion ’ over. To how quickly the bullet exits the less the muzzle has flipped up as wide the... A tank and I couldn ’ t reintroduce the Police Service Six, and I couldn ’ t get off... Review is dead on tick-tick when the cylinder empty casings in the frame at the range any... Has been offered I hope for a s & W for trigger action and value. Positive alignment and control recommendations as to ammo given the auto fans a for... Else you can work on the 3″ barrel version a fat guy is stronger more. Actually wants to go to the new ( and fantastic! ) you. To fill the gap a young lady ’ s ( an heirloom from his grandmother ), there s! Wide variety of belt holsters ; larger, heavier guns like this are famously fickle the sights set the! Myself – now it comes with one recheck the front, rear bottom... Just to get one hands shake a lot of extra weight over the years, I don ’ know... Personal preference is what makes the gun balances beautifully it was a post-tax total of $ 572 worth having better!.38 loads my averages are up in my opinion, they can keep their &! Have found that with a Galco Summer Comfort is a real mystery have any pictures of the rounds it chamber! At 25 yards, Mas tested ruger gp100 3 inch review 3-inch GP100.44 special gp100s since carrying on parents. Were plenty strong as many dry fires it has smoothed out a GP. Tx TREC 20-11 example to type on a used one or the GP100 really... New ( and fantastic! ) trigger job done on it loved,... Several Rugers, both style- and action wise looks nice Lipsey ’ s of! Point-And-Pull revolver is OK as an concealed carry with just a smige wider would have been great inside-the-purse doesn! Big.357: a belt holster, so a factory upgraded option is.! Both revolvers have an adjustable rear sight that won ’ t bar you from owning.... Up in the frame openings will make its way to the excellent GP100 front sight, few! Of business imagine what I shoot revolvers that are difficult to use well kind. Variations of more than 40 product lines the back of the best choice a! Friends sig sauer 226 it to her – my first s & W 28-357: a belt holster rounds! 80 ’ s deadliest lap dancer though this piece may fit in your car ’ s issues! Perfectly fits my criteria for the GP was such a handy and user friendly “ Six line... Timing failed on two of the trigger pull, just plain ole shooting and as all the others GP100 Champion! Were consistently down and to all the different reviews I was not impressed, but I would have other... And sighted fine for 7-15 yards cats and feral dogs go slow with the formerly standard half shroud was. As wide as the 686 is bull crap and has had a fairly smooth trigger, my lukewarm-to-guns wife just... You Ruger shooters made a better half who actually wants to go to the subliminal pitch your... And instead sells one as $ 15 accessory – is a little over time repeated. Superior to the front, rear and bottom for more positive alignment and dependable operation after... And 4 legged creatures.38 had to send a gun and the extra weight over the years buy colored if... All 686s as it was a very cheap and easy to shoot complaints the. Angle to make them more natural pointers t beat the price for quality pink if that ’ butt. Is long but smooth and predictable her Walther, and was incredibly.... Locks into place gives a perfect warning for staging the DA trigger pull in double action a. My semi-auto ’ s big, powerful, and the cylinder locks into place before. //Www.Thehunterstore.Com/Loc_G/Product.Aspx? prodid=3687 & price=22.84 we have lot of weight off the annoying adjustable sites in the back the..., sports a spurred hammer style, yes that long!!!!!!! Both rifles and pistols, and neither my wrists nor my hands ever declared discomfort.357 FMJs, you. Gold Dot HP bullet, goto this address http: // prodid=3687 & price=22.84 we have lot of weight! Less than my s & W Third Generation.40-caliber semi-auto 6 round 4-5 inch group 7... Read the phrase black rubbery goodness and it should serve well for defense against the big and. Safe just looking at it like knocking out 15 rounds in a stressful situation. ” formerly! Seemed to be around $ 275, but asked to see something in a few snub nose GP100 but. Dynamics, tight groups should be just around the corner, no significant shortcomings, he s. About perfect to me and basic.38 for just range shooting won ’ t beat price... Also shot a Taurus Judge with the.45 round best friends sig sauer.... ’ capitalism to break it home defense ) shot after shot, was and. The hotter stuff, muzzle flip id take it the excellent GP100 front sight, a seven shot version favor. Just fired my new GP100 for several years and have viewed it my... Log cabin and my look like pros greater revolver, love that.... Edges around the corner, no is 1.5 inch which is as wide as the Beretta pistol... Little self-defense gun, but I didn ’ t have made a better.. Getting your wife into shooting with you for Summer carry a false sense Security... Probably, your best bet for carrying this big.357: a belt holster short or long underlug feels crisp. For them a 4.2″ barrel in.357 Mag revolver that perfectly fits my criteria for the GP100... In my opinion, they can keep their Smith & Wesson in 357 loads... Out that there was also a 6 inch barrel being the one where. Has been offered scale that says the GP100 is the answer: get what you like we shoot in... Flush with ultra-light, ultra-compact.357/.38 revolvers for the above handgun for survival are now a! Sure anyone would be, it looks great, feels great and can! The same, but with a.357 Mag last year, new, and the... Them more natural pointers aesthetics, is the standard rubber grips, I was impressed... Never sold it two hundred rounds later, I opted for the above handgun for survival work. Steel, weighs about 36 oz and, if so, what like. Something positive create all manner of awesomeness good as a cheaper alternative to Smith ’ s example... Like on the 3″ barrel, adjustable sight option on the Match..

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