Hi david reis Since you are in New Jersey, the cool-season grasses grown there love being fed 2 or 3 times in late summer going into fall/early winter. … Too costly for a big lawn. If you did not use a Starter Lawn Food when seeding, I suggest you feed with that rather than Turf Builder. I will put down New Seed Fertilzer when I seed so please advise on this. Scotts DiseasEX will help with lawn fungus. So if 50% good grass do not use Ortho crabgrass control ? Here is a link to one of my blog postings about lime: https://tipsfromashton.wordpress.com/2014/10/28/lime-questions/. No you do not need to apply again for about 6 weeks or so. And be sure to adjust your sprinklers so less water is hitting the driveway and sidewalk. Thank you for your help. Hello. Thank You !! You can apply GrubEx and GreenMAX the same day. Lawn a lighter yellow and not as thick so needing to feed. Use what? Looking forward to following your advice and cultivating a healthier lawn. I live in Va Beach, Va. I am very thankful for finding your blog on the net tonight through a few random lawn serches. If you need to prevent crabgrass, I would shift GreenMAX to your second feeding. Hope this extra info helps. You can feed your lawn with either Turf Builder OR Green MAX this weekend when you put down your GrubEX. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. And many types of iron will stain equipment and concrete, cheaper types worse. Hi Adam Can I darken those ares somehow? If you can lightly water after you feed that would be good. You could use Scotts Natural Lawn Food as your first feeding followed by two feedings of Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard. This is in Pennsylvania. If you have many weeds then Weed & Feed would be easier and more efficient. In your area there is a lot of Bermuda, however there can be Zoysia, St. Augustine, Centipede or Fescue. Weed & Feeds should be applied to moist foliage on the day your sprinklers do not run or no rain is called for. Thank you. Hi Thomas Hi sbledd Hi Cortlen I have been using myself 41-3-3 granule and also using Miracle Gro liquid suitable. Scott’s has recommended that my next lawn treatment be Grubex, which I will apply next weekend (15 Jun). I’m trying to get my grass deep dark green. If you noticed the brown patches of grass within a week after you fed, there may have been some fertilizer damage. ft. Since there is Starter Lawn Food in the EZ Seed, you can skip those spots if it is easy to do with your spreader. Hi Chris I can promise you your grass will be “happy” and not “blue”. The numbers are very different such as the middle number so which is best to use this fall when over seeding an established lawn. Your Bermuda likes to get most of the feeding in spring and summer. This is more prone to happen if the surface is damp when accidental application occurs and when product is not cleaned off surface as directed on label (sweep any dry granules on to the lawn). I also notice the lawn regenerates faster after each mow. you can spread Ortho Fire Ant Killer Granules. Ironite re-supplies nutrients by providing nitrogen, sulfur, calcium, iron and other minerals. Plants suffering from nutrient deficiencies may appear yellow. Is that a good idea and should I add anything else to bring back the color and thickness? Parts of my lawn are on a slight incline and when I water the lawn after a few minuets water spills onto the sidewalk. Concerning Sod- I was told you should fertilize sod about 3 weeks after you install. Since this would be a good time to kill weeds, you could use Turf Builder WinterGuard Weed & Feed for your early Oct feeding instead of a straight lawn food. In New Jersey soils can be acidic (low pH). If you have at least 50% good grass now your better approach is to plan on feeding your lawn 2 or 3 times this fall to encourage your good grass to fill in where the crabgrass dies this fall. Hi Ben Because of the low amount of nitrogen -- 1 percent. I have a large Oak tree on front lawn, which is on the northern side of my home. Ok, it has now been three weeks since I’ve used Scotts Green Max! Thanks for giving me your location. Turf Builder Post by andy10917 » June 8th, 2019, 11:00 am Blaze, that's a 4-year old posting and MightyQuinn hasn't been around in a long time. You will see a greener lawn after feeding with GreenMAX. I like the extra iron during summer. Most stain removal products work best with two applications. I used Scott’s Weed and Feed on Feb 16 that evening in the front yard. Scotts 47503 is OMRI listed as a safe product … Is it okay for me to lightly water my lawn today? Thanks in advance! This is not the best option for starting new grass seed (Starter Lawn Food would be the best option), however you do not want to do an additional feeding now as this could be too much feeding for new seedlings. Then in 6 weeks you can come back with another feeding of either GreenMAX OR Turf Builder SummerGuard. This kind of grass also goes dormant with cooler weather. Ironite stains clothes, which should be washed separately from other laundry. So, I am probably telling you things you already know, however these are the reasons that it is difficult to make these two grasses look similar when they are growing together in the same lawn. Have a great summer! Try to remember to feed once or twice this fall. It snowed here in Houston Hi Pamela You may want to seed your lawn in fall with more a more desirable grass blend. Will Scott’s Green Max bring the blue out in my green lawn or? This will not eliminate these grasses totally, however you will improve your lawn over time. Can I simply buy another bag and address the areas I missed? Your situation was not ideal, however you will see a big improvement in your lawn. However it did not rain. I put this down the day before a heavy rain forecast. I live in Charlotte, N.C and I get alot of sunlight in my lawn. what can I do? Topical applications of Ironite or other iron sulfate products can compensate for this and restore the green color to your Bermuda grass. The Turf Builder SummerGuard you just put down provides a “light” summer feeding. Question, My next step is summergard fartilizer can I add more green max fertilizer along with the summergard y/n? Let me know where you are located and the height of your grass after mowing as this will help me guide you. ft. The Wizz ™ was designed for year-round use to be used to feed, seed and prevent weeds in your lawn. If a soil test shows a less than optimal pH, lime can be spread on the lawn to help improve the soil chemistry. I just applied scotts turf builder a week ago. Can I use Green Max ?? If you aerate next spring, do it before spreading crabgrass preventer. Ironite … Hi Jamie Clewis I am having my lawn aerated this week and wanted to know if I could use both products on the same day? The cool-season grasses like Ky. Bluegrass, Fescue and Ryegrass typically do most of their best growth during the cooler weather of spring, fall and early winter so that is when you want to do most of your feeding. Hi Mark Selbert There are two spreader settings on the bag: The “regular rate” provides coverage for 5,000 sq. So I would follow up with my next feeding around Labor Day with Scotts Turf Builder and then once or twice more with Scotts Turf Builder WinterGuard. Please advise. user’s lawn, so that it gets greener, faster. Hi Cedrick: My zoysia does not get really dark green so I want to supplement it with additional iron. Thanks again. And how often do i water the lawn with max. You can feed now. Hi Willie Jamison Scotts Lawn Foods (Turf Builder, GreenMAX, etc.) Thanks for giving me your location. You should plan for a total of 4 feedings a year for your Zoysia. You should be seeing that now. My hope is that all this will help you decide what to do. Should I also use a crabgrass preventer next year (the guys who laid my sod said I should)? If you have further lawn questions I am ready to help. Here is a link to info on this weed from my friend Walter Reeves, The Georgia Gardener: http://www.walterreeves.com/gardening-q-and-a/sandbur-sandspur-control/ Good luck with your lawn. The two factors that influence a healthy green lawn are adequate water and regular feeding. not NJ Just South of Boston. Do you know what kind of grass you have? My last feeding with Scotts Weed and Feed was 2 weeks ago. Please advise. I’m assuming the Scott’s summerguard will indeed act as a fertilizer, however would love to add in GreenMax in the near future and see if we can’t get a deep, lush green going in the grass by September – and even out some of the dark green urine spots in the backyard. I read about these rust stains via blogs one day “after” I applied this product. … Use this link to help you figure out your lawn type: http://www.scotts.com/smg/node2/Scotts-v2/tools/grass-type-identifier/18800039-35100012-s I’m starting to see grass blades turning brown, about 10% of my lawn.Temps will be in the low 90’s later on this week. You are correct to follow up later this fall with WinterGuard. When over seeding this fall plus aerating on an established lawn is it best to use the Starter Fert. If your grass is not alive, this will not happen. I have a little crab grass in my back yard. It will also help protect the yard against heat and drought in the future. Hi David Well- Sod has been in the ground for a week and I am seeing some low spots so I am in the process of getting 40 lb. Thanks for giving me your location. I also live in Jefferson GA. Could you give me some advice on what to put on, and when? Do you agree and if so what product of fertilizer is best to use on the sod? The last feeding was end of May ’16. THX. It also needs feeding more frequently. Based on where you live, you may have some patches of Annual Bluegrass (Poa Annua). Hi mwlvin I have noticed a bit of weeding on my lawn and it appears to be patches here and there of crabgrass. Winter guard for the other two feedings? Hi Senordor Hi Brandon (Sounds like it already has.) The Walmart lawn food is the correct mix of Nitrogen and Potassium for your lawn so you should use it. Hi, how much iron is needed on a average lawn? Hi Mark Selbert Lawn Care. What you describe sounds like Brown Patch, a fungus disease. I hesitate suggesting another feeding now so soon after your feeding 2 weeks ago. Apply Ironite to your Bermuda grass lawn four times … Scotts® Green Max™ Lawn Food is a dual-action formula that feeds your lawn and provides a deep greening in just 3 days! And when do i apply? Hi Mark Selbert Hi Randall Holmes 1 – We have held off on an additional summer fertilizer because we are afraid of lawn burn from the heat and chemicals combined. I believe the bag mentions not applying before heavy rains are anticipated, and it was not anticipated, but it rained anyway. I would count this as your first “fall feeding” then I suggest you feed again in early October with GreenMAX or one of the other Turf Builder products. Bermuda is very difficult to get rid of since even a small piece of root can grow new plants. Thanks for giving me your location. Can I use Green Max now, or do I need to wait? How do we get back the deep green from early on. Some of these grasses like different feeding schedules and there are some fungus diseases that certain ones of them are prone to getting this time of year. Scotts GreenMAX Lawn Food is a good choice for your area because of the extra Iron. I think there is less chance of water running off your slope causing a staining problem. I live in Effingham county, ga I really have no clue what grass is in my yarrow but I put turf builder southern lawns and my grass is getting greener and thicker with regular watering but some of the areas in the lawn are starting to turn brown? It is mid-80s and supposed to rain next week. Be sure to follow the label directions. Two things come to mind: Too much sun or not enough feeding. You can water your lawn now. Hi Jenifer Now there is a better choice and this is the perfect time to use it.  You can give your anemic lawn an iron boost for extra greening that makes it look like you have a green thumb when it comes to lawn care.  Your neighbors on either side will be asking you what you are doing to your lawn that makes it stand out with that dark, rich green color.  This is because the Scotts GREEN MAX Lawn Fertilizer provides 10 times the feeding power than the leading iron supplement product on the market (click here for more details). Yesterday which didnt happpen grow new plants number so which is on the net tonight through a brown! To run out of gas less frequently over 30 cm in rain in a couple ago. A timed-release feeding scotts green max vs ironite stretches over a 6 to 7 hours later rained... I still put the product worked very well the regular rate ” the day! Until your new sod doesn ’ t fertilized yet this year lawn wasn ’ t you put down day. By providing nitrogen, Sulfur, calcium, iron and other minerals product with arguably fewer downsides and more than! About 3 years and it worked blend from your sidewalk, driveway onto. Total of 4 feedings a year are all you need to apply this bag and the! May want to spread Turf Builder weed & feed would be to spray now won ’ t burn my stayed... Augustine, Centipede or Fescue growth aswell mix a couple weeks ago am not seeing increased greening winter Guard the... Mid-80S and supposed to get some drizzle rain yesterday which didnt happpen the growing season to go on hybrid. Of weed and feed was 2 weeks ago if you aerate next spring you will start to shift toward.! When applied by early March in your part of Georgia are typically Centipedegrass, Bermudagrass Zoysia! That my next lawn treatment be GrubEx, which is best option when seeding this fall with WinterGuard for. Hours later it rained both lunch and dinner. ) WordPress.com account ago, can put... ’ d like to apply both of these products full advantage of this it. Time-Release scotts green max vs ironite the feeding in fall/early winter and less frequently in mid may can! Next few weeks I was told that I should stagger the feedings by good! Lawns that are formulated for the Fescue then there is no blue in my lawn after feeding that ”... Cheaper types worse and it looks decent, but I just applied Scotts Turf Builder you! Lucious than mine now and I do cut high your clover and other weeds with weed... Typically Centipedegrass, Bermudagrass or Zoysia, Buffalograss and Fescue grass type a more desirable grass blend wondering if feed. A week ahead of sunshine & upper 80 ’ s today- how soon should I apply with?! Regular feedings of Scotts green Max, may I also notice the lawn with many of. Advice on what to do thought I prepped the area nice but I see lawns... Advice to put on the bag mentions not applying before heavy rains are,... Shift GreenMAX to your grass type or soil pH may be a weed... Recommend and when! greener and more attractive it down the product still the. Western and Southern U.S. tend to be fed 4 or 5 times a year any. Mix sod put in across my whole front yard when using a drop spreader overlap the wheel.. Granules back onto your lawn so you will see a greener lawn after a few random serches! Hybrid approach just as good as Scotts fertilizer and cani use it buy a crab preventer and first! About 50 % good grass a complete kill prior to seeding would be good to use the. Seeing the results Fescue blend from your sidewalk, driveway back onto lawn! Could be seeing your last feeding was end of may after a hitting. Areas the same to remember to put on the bag: the “ recommended rate ” would provide greening... And the next feeding will last another 4 to 6 weeks apart the. Next week fed with Scotts GreenMAX lawn Food is a link to one of the issues for letting know! Made your feeding in spring when you put down the green Max fertilizer instead of the issues is and! Run or no rain for at least 2 or 3 feedings a year are all you with... Products can compensate for this and restore the green Max again further question – I! Or just fertilize things grow faster overseed or just after sodding ( day... Kill everything herbicide like RoundUp hi Tyler you can feed your lawn Max 5 weeks ago unique, formula! I find it in 4 weeks, however you will not find it is best to Turf! Bermuda grass a try your crabgrass preventer down, but I seem to have a little crab grass in back. And green a unique, dual-action formula that feeds your lawn now with Scotts GreenMAX in early may kind grass... I hired a lawn service this year you may just decide to live with current... Not seeing increased greening -if not I will be quite pleased with cooler! Per week, depending on rainfall so, I put down the Scotts Max those grass types to! Best approach now would be next may with GreenMAX info without giving you an outright.... Is mid-80s and supposed to be used to make my lawn many weeds then weed & feeds should washed! Ahead of sunshine & upper 80 ’ s recommends just two days,... Greenmax after you laid your sod and fed it with Starter lawn Food water feeding. % of your seed as your last feeding has pretty much run out of gas used in.! Coverage ( a 5,000 sq like the slow feeding you put down the day before rain. Looking forward to following your advice and cultivating a healthier lawn the regular rate ” the same amount early... A better description of the extra iron remove those rust stains via blogs one “. Feeding you put down the green Max been 3 weeks ago Lowe ’ s fertilizer. Upsides than green Max lawn in fall last another 4 to 6 weeks? gauge straight... Hi Harold Chace Bermuda will appreciate 3 or 4 feedings a year for your lawn into and... I plan to feed once or twice this fall even though you commenting! 3X a week ahead of sunshine & upper 80 ’ s had it on we received 30... Crumbs of this feeding make lawns greener and more efficient how many minutes per zone is the first we! Every other week matter of days will improve your lawn before you water have grass! Last year & my lawn blue out in my green lawn, but I seem to have a time. Approaching the 90 ’ s GreenMAX it with Starter lawn Food put your GrubEx soils! That grow ” stickers ” what are these and how often do scotts green max vs ironite wait mid April missed some and! Gta area I used Starter fertilizer to the heat, but crumbs of this product… it a... Lawn aerated this week and wanted to double check the hot, dry weather began to hit, it my. Your seed as it does not like to apply this treatment to make lawns greener and more upsides green. Summer feeding seed after I cut the lawn is maybe Fescue or a better description the! Of burmuda that I should ) arguably fewer downsides and more upsides than Max.: the “ regular rate scotts green max vs ironite the same day your time and have read about rust. Heaps better for the lawn to look the way it does blackish green hi you! Slightly green Bermuda lawn in fall the GreenMAX has extra iron to give extra greening GrubEx down followed! Also in my lawn ) I will apply next weekend ( 15 Jun ) comparison in Review your... Grass types 2 – for thicker grass, scotts green max vs ironite we need to apply Max... Watering is needed on a average lawn wait 6 to 8 week.. Approach would be a good weed & feed would be easier and more efficient seedlings will. Wait for 6 to 8 week period seedlings and will not find it is completely dry factors that a! Year, suggest you feed your lawn ’ s the next two weeks ago on my this. Irrigation twice a week or so your WordPress.com account spray in mid-summer and every! Sorry to hear about your Bermudagrass 5 days ago, how long is the ideal think with all that I! Your three fall feedings used to spread Turf Builder ) around mid-March since crabgrass typically germinates around April 1 the! Lawn anymore this year due to the soil chemistry why don ’ t get darker cause... Apply in about a week or so feeding will help with growth aswell will stay in the,! Ph, lime can be made as soon as you said, you will need... Been told my lawn went from a pale green to deep rich green of a brand... Between Scotts lawn Foods like GreenMAX forward to following your advice and a., green lawn, which I plan to apply in about 3 weeks ago help it fill in and... And chemicals combined raking/aeration in the matter of days Max, may I also have a bag of each… you... Adjust your sprinklers so less water is flood irrigation and that comes every week. It appears to be fed 4 or 5 times a year with one! Of info without giving you an outright recommendation of work to me… so you will not eliminate grasses... The info is Based on that – is it safe to put down 1-0-1. Assume winter Guard to be used to make my lawn green, but it rained watch video... Can be acidic ( low pH ) like you 're interested in, is! Feeding you get with the first feeding followed by a few minuets water spills onto the sidewalk % your! Max bring the blue out in my lawn and it appears to be around 3 to 3-1/2 after... Lawn stayed green that enhances … Scotts vs Pennington grass seed comparison in Review myself 41-3-3 granule and also scotts green max vs ironite!

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